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Great Release Program – Day 17 — Tuesday – 17 December 2013


Great Release Program Tuesday, 17 December 2013 Day 17

Posting early so you can act on the Full Moon information if you like.

by Silver RavenWolf copyright 2013

Sun in Sagittarius (Fire) Full Moon – Harvest Moon in Gemini — Intelligence, Communication, Resourcefulness, Imaginative! Tuesday — Ruled by Mars Today:  Angels of Gemini and Angels of Sagittarius

The full moon is an opposition between the Sun and the Moon with the Earth in the middle.  Yet, this opposition doesn’t mean the energies cannot be compromised – in magick, that which is in the center (you on the earth) reap the benefits of both solar and lunar power.  This available power is influenced by the sign in which each light (the sun and the moon) are currently positioned.  As the moon is on one side of the earth, and the sun is on the other during a full moon, the signs in which they sit are considered opposite each other.  The combination of power (the lights and the signs) actually creates a dynamic whole.  That which is opposing drops away or transmutes (depending upon the situation) and that which empowers or remains joins together.  Think of Yin and Yang or the God and Goddess, where two separate energies meld to create a third, more powerful energy than either of the two if they stood alone.  It is up to you to pull both energies together and create the harvest of your desires. The two opposite astrological signs in a Full Moon always pair together – meaning in the twelve month cycle you will always have six pairs; however, in one instance the Sun will be in one sign and the Moon will be in the opposite, and the next time the same signs pair the Moon will be in the place of the Sun and the Sun in the opposite sign.  If this sounds like gibberish, here are the six pairs:

Aries – Libra (Fire and Air) Taurus – Scorpio (Earth and Water) Gemini – Sagittarius (Air and Fire) Cancer – Capricorn (Water and Earth) Leo – Aquarius (Fire and Air) Virgo – Pisces (Earth and Water)

For example, when the Sun is in Aries, the Full Moon will be in Libra.  When the Sun is in Libra, the Full Moon will be in Aries.

For magick, the elements of the pairs give you a structure to work with – for example, today’s Full Moon is in Gemini and the Sun is in Sagittarius.  Our working could include Air (associated with Gemini) and Fire (associated with Sagittarius) – this is a perfect Braucherei full moon because both Gemini and Sagittarius are extremely talkative – wonderful for whisper magick!  Both Gemini and Sagittarius are considered “quick” signs, meaning workings done in either sign speeds quickly to a conclusion rather than taking longer to manifest.  Gemini is ruled by the planet Mercury and Sagittarius is ruled by kindly Jupiter.

With today’s Fire and Air combination, you may wish to use these elements in a personal working that unfolds the harvest of your efforts.  Or, by working with fire and air, we can “blow out” the stress of the holiday season, allowing our minds to turn more toward the spiritual than ever before.  To lend more of a connection to your enchantments, petition the angels of Gemini and Sagittarius in your working.

Full Moon Angel Working -- includes a red candle for Sagittarius and a yellow candle for Gemini. The focal herb center is a Rose of Jerico.  Placing the dried plant in water over Winter Solstice symbolizes the rebirth of the Sun and is thought to revitalize good fortune, healing, luck, and love in the home.

Full Moon Angel Working — includes a red candle for Sagittarius and a yellow candle for Gemini. The focal herb center is a Rose of Jerico. Placing the dried plant in water over Winter Solstice symbolizes the rebirth of the Sun and is thought to revitalize good fortune, healing, luck, and love in the home.

Do angels of the zodiac signs really exist?  For thousands of years humankind has been using the mathematics of astrological symbolism in magickal work.  From Babylon to Chaldea, from Egypt to Greece, from Greece to Rome, from China to Europe — history shows us the use of the signs and the planets (classical) was an integral part of the religion and the culture.  Whether you see this information as deity-oriented, simply scientific, or in the nature of Spirits, or the symbolism of angels — the base energy is still the same.  Agreed — what you call it and how you use it tweaks the overall concept and influences the working; however, the fact that you connect in the first place is the dynamic key to change.  Using the broad brush of an astrological sign in correlation with the angels gives a conduit to this energy and helps the mind focus in a more stylized, humanistic direction.  The argument isn’t:  Does this energy exist?  More often the disagreement is on the lens through which a person perceives and utilizes the energy.  To me, such disagreements and debates are a waste of time as each individual will process the energy in the way that meets their personal needs.  We can always improve our information base — that is a given; but, ridiculing another because they use a different path than yourself? — is senseless.  This line of thought doesn’t only apply to angels, astrological signs, or magick.  It is the same in day-to-day life as well.  Are you arguing over something truly senseless right now?

Maybe its time you let it go…and move on.

Today’s Challenge:  Is a pleasant one — today is Pet Day!  Do something (or several things) to enhance the life of your pet, including cleaning pet areas, bowls, checking your pet supplies, etc.  If you don’t have a pet, do something nice for the pet of a friend or family member, OR make a donation to a pet charity.  Remember, people often forget pets when they donate food to a local food bank.  Giving up a treasured family pet because times are hard is a terrible psychological loss.  Why not take a bag of pet food to your local food bank today or this week?

Summary — Today we discussed what a full moon is (scientifically) and how it can function magickally.  You may want to use this energy by burning empowered candles or blending magickal herbs associated with both signs to use in a conjuring bag or packet.  We also covered thoughts on whether or not astrological angels really exist.  I believe in them; but, that doesn’t mean you have to.  Finally, I asked you if — in your day-to-day life, you are wasting your time on a senseless position or argument.  Think about it.  If you are — release it!

(1)  Do your Morning Braucherei Ritual — don’t forget your wish water! (2)  Today provides Full Moon energy.  How will you use it? (3)  Do something nice today for a pet or animal friend (perhaps leaving food or birdseed out for animals in the wild). (4)  Release at least one thing today — whether you throw it out, give it away, or upcycle it. (5)  Do one Mad Minute exercise.

Tomorrow:  Your Clothes

Rune Staves featured as the background of today’s Angel art work can be found at:  Although I re-drew the staves, added explanations, and a background, the original information came from the listed website.

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