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Great Release Program – Day 15 – Sunday – 15 December 2013

Great Release Program Day Fifteen 15 December 2013

by Silver RavenWolf copyright 2013


You Are Half Way Through The Program!!!

Sun in Sagittarius (Fire) Second Quarter Moon (Building, Revitalizing, Overcoming Minor Obstacles) Moon in Gemini — Intelligence, Communication, Resourcefulness, Imaginative! Sunday — Ruled by the Sun Today:  Angels of the Element of Air

It Ain’t Over… ‘Til its Over!

Congratulations!  Today you are halfway through the Great Release Program!  How do you feel?  Today is your Free Day!  You can do whatever you like!  Why not start by taking a walk around your living area.  Congratulate yourself on what you have achieved.  Make note of what you have accomplished and what you would like to complete before the program is over.  I still have half of my craft room to do, and two closets that are screaming for attention.  You may also notice that as you finish one area, another spot that was okay — isn’t anymore.  That’s because clutter is as stubborn as you are — and will crawl to another area rather than let go!  Tomorrow, that spot will be your focus.

Today, with the moon in Gemini, we celebrate the Angels of the Element of Air.  These angels promote mental healing, they love to assist with divinatory and esoteric study, are good at finding the truth of a matter, guard you in your travels, and can help to recover lost or stolen property.  Air angels include Gabriel the angel of dreams, Akriel the angel of intellectual achievement, Ecanus the angel of writing and inspiration, and Ambriel the angel of communication and protection.

Air Element Symbol

Air Element Symbol

The Moon in Gemini opens the pathway to intelligence, clarity, rational thought, resourcefulness, imagination and so much more!  Today, inscribe the air symbol on a light blue, white, or golden candle to welcome the aid of the Air Angels into your life.  Hold the candle in your hands and run the energy from your feet up through the top of your head, and then back down into your hands and into the candle.  Take nice deep, even breaths.  Ask the Angels of Air for assistance for a particular desire.  Air Angels work very quickly, so you should receive a sign or your answer within a day or two — sometimes even minutes!  Air Angels give you signs associated with air — floating feathers, drifting leaves, the sound of bells, wisps of smoke, dawn or twilight fog, a fan, pens, beautiful paper, or a gift of a highly fragrant oil or perfume.

Today our magickal discussion centers around this statement:  “It ain’t over until its over!”  Too often people work magick and then blow the results because of doubt, particularly if the situation seems very dire and you appear to have an answer that is at cross-purposes to what you originally asked for.  When you hear the bad news, you give up, thinking, “Well!  That didn’t work!” which results in a flood of feeling that includes disappointment, emotional hurt, or fear.

One of the most important things I’ve learned is this:  “It ain’t over til its over.”  Just because it looks like the magick didn’t work, just because it appears that you lost, or failed, or didn’t get what you wanted…doesn’t mean the situation has finished playing out.  You are actually at the tipping point.  If you retreat — you lose.  If you stand firm, there is a chance of a successful conclusion.  In fact, your withdrawal when you think it has collapsed actually facilitates the collapse and cements the failure into place.

Uh…read that last line again, okay?

Correct information on an issue is not always at your fingertips.  Just because someone says it is “thus and so” does not make it that way.  Energy is always moving.  Situations are always changing.  The finality of your mind — the acceptance of the closure — is what makes it…FINAL.

Only when you accept a particular conclusion does the finality actually unfold.

Only when you AGREE do the many available possibilities become congruent — and the outcome solidifies.

I realize that you can throw up a lot of examples where you believe this is not true.  What’ I’d like you to do today (or in the near future when the situation arises) is to suspend your belief (like when reading a fictional story) and instead, not take what you are hearing at face value — say to yourself:  “Its not over til its over.”

And see what happens.

More times than not –you will be shocked at the outcome.  Let’s say you were looking for a job and thought you found one, and then someone else took it.  It is possible they will change their mind, and let that job go…two weeks later, you are offered the same job.  OR, let’s say someone else got the job; but, you kept thinking, “Its not over til its over”.  Low and behold a better job opens up at better pay — something that is more in line with what you really wanted.

Here’s one that actually happened this week — a person was told they had a promotion to a new office in the company; but, two days later the current boss told the employee that the job had been revoked.  Five days later, the new office contacted the employee, and asked if they were ready to move.  The employee said, “What are you talking about — I was told I didn’t get the job.”   The new boss hung up on him.  One day later the employee found out that the current boss was lying to him for personal reasons.  He really DID have the job (and almost lost it because he hadn’t moved to get the appropriate paperwork completed).  Keeping your mind clear while the magick works is one way to allow the momentum to continue in your favor.  This example shows how your belief in misinformation can lead to failure, even though you were winning.  The employee’s experience may have occurred due to karmic actions — perhaps it was time for that old boss to be caught in one of  the many attempts at dirty office politics.  It could very well be that the path that vibrated into manifestation was the tipping point needed to open the door to justice.

If you are having such an experience, fill that chasm of “oh my stars, its not manifesting – I’ve lost” — to “there’s always a possibility”.

Now…let’s be realistic here.  I’m talking about something you’ve been working for that does not influence, for example, someone to love you.  Attempting to force someone by name to love you, or need you, or want you can blow up in your face because you are trying to negatively impact their choices.  Just as with all things, there is a limit — sometimes a moral one, and sometimes a fated one.  For example, not letting go and moving on after the death of a loved one or pet can be harmful to your healing process.  This program is all about healthy release…moving on…inviting the new and empowering energy and experience in to your life.  Hanging on to things you should have left go of can bring anger, depression, and sadness.  Always use wisdom in what you choose to solidify.

In the past two months I’ve seen this “It ain’t over til its over” in action several times.  The office politics example I gave earlier was one of those instances.  The next example was someone who was turned down for a loan.  I explained the process of solidification in-between listening to ranting and raving, cursing and boo-hoo-ing.  Grudgingly, the individual processed the information I provided.  In less than six hours,  a loan came through.  That person had a lot of apologizing to do, including hanging up the phone on me.  The second instance was with a couple searching for a puppy.  They thought they found the right one; but, they moved too slowly and lost the puppy to another family.  I told them, “Its not over til its over”, and again explained the concept.  Three days later they received a phone call.  The new owners felt the puppy was too much to handle, and they gave him back to the breeder, who in turn called the couple.  They are now happily taking care of the new puppy.  The third example is about a breach of promise on a piece of rental property.  “Hang in there,” I said, “It ain’t over til its over.”  For the third time I explained the congruent concept — that of many outcomes running along the same line, where in one of them will finally solidify, and how you have a choice on that manifestation.  This time I incorporated a little astrology, saying, “Look, Jupiter trines Saturn tomorrow.  This is a plus for you.  Keep thinking the thoughts we discussed.”  I received a phone call the next day that the situation was happily resolved.

Today’s Challenge:  Today is your Free Day.  Do what you like, OR do nothing at all!  Your choice.

Summary:  Today we talked about the Angels of the Element of Air, and some of the things they rule.  I also provided you with a few Gemini Moon related correspondences.  We touched on the Air Element symbol, and you were given a suggestion on how to use this symbol for a petition to the Air Angels with a candle.  You also read a discussion on the concept of Congruent Realities and how, in many cases, your thoughts solidify what you receive, sometimes at what seems like the very last minute or even after the fact (which means…it wasn’t over, ’til it was over).  Muddy thoughts?  You miss the boat.  Keep ’em clear — you’ve got nothing to fear because:

It ain’t over til its over.

(1)  Do your Braucherei Morning Ritual.  Change your wish water. (2)  Empower a candle for a petition to the Air Angels. (3)  Think about Congruent Realities and how you might incorporate this concept in your life in the future. (4)  Rest, relax, or do what you like — today is your free day!

Tomorrow:  A newly cluttered area!

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