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Great Release Program – Day 14 – 14 December 2013 – Saturday

All the solutions you need are hidden in the mind -- be calm and allow them to surface.  Give your mind time to work on a problem -- choose something fun to do - enjoy a passion - then, go back to the problem and a solution will rise from the depths.

All the solutions you need are hidden in the mind — be calm and allow them to surface. Give your mind time to work on a problem — choose something fun to do – enjoy a passion – then, go back to the problem and a solution will rise from the depths.

Great Release Program Day 14 — Saturday 14 December 2013

by Silver RavenWolf copyright 2013

Sun in Sagittarius (Fire) Second Quarter Moon (Building, Revitalizing, Overcoming Minor Obstacles) Moon in Taurus — Comfort, Security, Harmony, Wealth Saturday — Ruled by Saturn Today:  Angels of the Element of Earth

When studying the correspondences between Angels and magick we learn that there are more than just the Archangels or those who correspond to a particular day of the week, planet or astrological sign.  There are also angels that govern the elements — Earth, Air, Fire, and Water.  With the Second Quarter Moon in Taurus (earth) and the day ruled by Saturn (earth), this is a perfect day to work with the earth-element angels, particularly if you have run into some sort of obstacle or challenge to your overall goals.  You can summon these angels individually, or call upon them collectively simply by using their title: Angels of the Element of Earth.  For example, Anauel is the angel of commerce (business and its ultimate success).  Barbelo (female) is concerned with success and abundance.  Hariel protects domesticated and farm animals. Cathetel is concerned with gardens and Sachluph relates to plants in general.  Earth angels in general can be petitioned for self-improvement, herbal studies, and the stability of hearth and home.

Sigil for Earth Element

Sigil for Earth Element

You can inscribe the earth symbol on a candle or simply write what is needed inside the sigil, using your paper for petition magick.  Or, you can be more creative!

Doodling on paper isn't silly -- it is actually a way to channel thoughts onto a piece of paper.  Have you ever been on a long phone conversation where you begin drawing on a scrap of paper?

Doodling on paper isn’t silly — it is actually a way to channel thoughts into a single focus. Have you ever been on a long phone conversation where you begin drawing on a scrap of paper?

Doodling on a scrap of paper is a window to your inner world.  Ladders, squares, and triangles indicate your willingness to work toward your goals.  They are symbols of a go-getter — an achiever.  Stars show optimism and hope.  Flowers and hearts indicate a sensitive soul and love.  Shapes in 3-D can mean you are willing to see the big picture. In fact, there is a vast pool of study on why people doodle, and what those doodles actually mean (in a general sense) — just like the interpreting a person’s handwriting!  A spider web can mean one of two things — you feel trapped, OR you want to trap someone.  Dots indicate the situation is unstable, or the doodler believes the issue is shaky.  Cubes mixed with spirals and circles might mean a solution is possible, but the doodler is unsure of exactly where to find the answer.  It can also mean that the doodler really would rather be doing something better with his or her time!   If you don’t believe me, do a Google search using the key words: Psychology Meaning of Doodles.  The top ten will give you a wide range of explanations.  Next time someone bugs you for a reading — tell them to doodle instead! (Just kidding.)

Doodles can also tell you what you really think about a person you are talking to or the situation they are describing.  Have you ever had a long conversation on the phone and found yourself doodling around the information you took down as a result of the call?  When you are finished, take a closer look at your doodle.  Not only will your mind have transferred the most important points of the conversation to paper, it will also tell you exactly what you think or feel about that conversation.  Even better?  Your doodle is an effort to map out a solution, should the call have been an issue where an answer is needed — AND how you really feel about acting on the advice you may have given or a promise you said you would keep.

The doodle shown in this blog is the result of someone talking (at length) about the problems they are having at work.  They feel trapped, ineffectual, and at a loss for an immediate, positive solution.  A hard worker, the frustration is mounting, as several individuals at the place of employment are really working on the baser side of life — lying, cheating, and incredibly narcissistic creating unfeasible requirements that eat into the individual’s private time.  Their actions (there are three of them) are severely impacting the rest of the office.  Unfortunately, the person in charge is never there, jetting around the world and not really paying attention.  What do you see in the example doodle?

Today’s magickal exercise is to use a doodle you create while you are thinking about a problem in your life at this moment.  When you are finished, roll the paper away from you (as this is a problem and you want to release it) and tie the paper with red thread.  Pass the rolled paper over your body just like the candle you rolled over your front door.  This action is to draw the negativity out of yourself completely and attach it to the paper.  If the problem falls under Earth Angel rulership, call the Angels of the Element of Earth to assist you in your time of need.  If it doesn’t, if you think the difficulty doesn’t quite fit the scope of the Earth Angels, you could call on Saturday’s ruler Cassiel or Uriel (see last Saturday’s post) in combination with a faster working angel (such as Raphael).  Then burn the paper, confident that the answer you need will be given to you quickly.

Today, you may also like to try an Angel Earth Walk.  You simply go outside, and walk, taking nice deep breaths.  After a few moments, pick up some earth in your hand.  Blow on it.  Ask the Angels of the Earth Element to help you with a problem or goal.  When you are done, let the dirt slid from your hand, saying “thank you, I know you will do this for me.”

Today’s Challenge:  Today is your day and it is a day of reward!  Do something you love, buy yourself a treat, spend time focused on yourself!  Get your nails done, or perhaps a hair cut, or even visiting a friend or family member you haven’t seen in a long time.  Today is YOU day!  Today you are releasing the angst of “no time for you” and filling yourself with harmony!

Summary:  Today we talked about the Earth Angels and listed a few that you might want to petition.  Earth Angel signs are those things associated with the earth element — gems, stones, natural items, beautiful pictures of earth related scenes, etc.  We also talked about your doodles and how you can use them in magick.  Doodles are very helpful with children.  For example, let’s say your son or daughter has a cold.  Ask them to doodle a picture of the “cold monster”, and then banish the cold monster together by rolling up the paper, sweeping it over the child,  and then dispose of it (in a way that is safe for children to see).  You can even boil the picture in an old pot, asking the Angels of the Elements of Water and Fire to banish the sickness from your home.  You might also like to try the Angels of Earth Walk — if not today, perhaps another time.

(1)  Do your morning Braucherei ritual.  This time, halfway through your chanting, put your hands on both sides of your head.  How does that feel?  Don’t forget to change your wish water. (2)  Invite the Angels of the Element of Earth to help you with a particular worry. (3)  Do something very special for yourself today! (4)  Get rid of at least one thing in the home or office (and make sure it goes out the door!) (5)  Do two One Minute Madness exercises.

Tomorrow:  Free Day!

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