Free Fat Cat Ornie Pattern (Addition One to Tutorial) #silverravenwolf

As promised, I finished the Fat Cat ornie pattern.  In keeping with many Lucky Black Cat formulas, these little kitties have the addition of Patchouli, Sage, Bay Leaf, Citrus Peel, and Sandalwood stuffed inside (a very small amount).

Fat Cat Ornies

There are two patterns — one of the whole cat, and one if you prefer putting your pattern on a fold.  Either can be used with muslin or perhaps felt kittens.  The tail is one straight piece cut out of the same material and allowed to fray (no sewing on tail).  You can use whatever you like for the tail — this is just a suggestion.

Eyes are metal brads affixed with Liquid Stitch. Ribbon is tied on and secured with embroidery thread and a bell. Faces handpainted with acrylics.

Enjoy!  Refer to the complete article linked below to learn how to make a basic ornie.

Fat Cat Ornie Pattern by Silver RavenWolf

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