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Finding A Lost Article

Finding A Lost Article by Silver RavenWolf copyright 2011

Silver RavenWolf Collage Image Vintage Witch

Silver RavenWolf Collage Image Vintage Witch

Recently someone posted a comment to one of my blog entries asking me how to find a lost object.  Although there are many techniques, you might like to try the one found in my MindLight book.  At first, the technique sounds really stupid — until you use it, and it works!

First visualize what it is you are looking for.  In this example, I believe it was a golden pentacle.  Sit quietly and close your eyes.  Envision the item in your hand.  What does it feel like?  How big?  Shape?  Texture?  Once you have the item set in your mind simply say:

“Its there.”

“Its not there.”

“Its there.”

“Its not there.”

“Its there!”

Now open your eyes and just like that commercial — you’ve set it, now forget it!  In most cases, the item will wander back to you.  You’ll either find it in an unrelated memory place (like under the sofa) or it’ll pop up in a drawer, a locker, whatever.  The most important part of the technique is that you believe and know that the item will be found.

Often, when we lose something, we wail, “Its not there!” and stop.  We’ve told the universe that it isn’t there without leaving an opening for it to appear because our minds are now closed to the possibility by our emotional exclamation.  I’ve found numerous temporarily lost items with this unusual quantum physics technique.


If you want something to be gone — Like the neighbor’s old rattle-trap truck that should have been squashed in a dump somewhere twenty years ago, yet it stares offensively at you from right in front of your doorstep… night after night, day after day…you would do the reverse — saying it is not there, being sure to end with the same statement. Try working with the its there/not there technique.  Some folks actually have better success beginning with the opposite of what they want, it truly all depends on your personality and current beliefs.

Once you’ve mastered this duel technique you’ll be amazed at just what you can really do!

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