Fairy Ring Magick – 29 September 2013

Some believe the rune Ing is ruled by the world of Fairy. These Light Beings are thought to bless all of nature, and are associated with the prosperity of hearth, crops, pets, and livestock. This photo shows a natural fairy ring (a ring of mushrooms). Write your wish for prosperity on a bay leaf and place inside the ring. Bless the ring and the entities that govern nature.

A share of honey, grain, bread, and milk, left in offering upon cup-marked stones in the fields were known as “elf-mills” or Boggart stones.” When you find a natural Fairy Ring such as the one pictured, use it to send good fortune back to the earth and bless hearth and home.

Source:  Rune Mysteries book by Silver RavenWolf and Nigel Jackson, Published by Llewellyn World Wide.  Page 111.

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