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Day Two of the Great Release Program — 2 December 2013 – Monday

New Moon in Sagittarius -- Let the fire of inspiration push you forward to accomplish whatever you desire!

New Moon in Sagittarius — Let the fire of inspiration push you forward to accomplish whatever you desire!

Great Release Program — Day Two! by Silver RavenWolf copyright 2013

Begin your day with the Braucherei Morning cleansing and empowerment exercise, then move on to Day Two’s fun activities!  In case you missed it, you will find the instructions in the first post of the program.

A new moon is a wonderful time to begin projects like our Great Release Program.  Each day we remove one thing from our lives and celebrate that release!  In doing so we unclutter the energy around us and create an open channel to draw to us what we truly desire!  Do you remember the old Tinker Toys?  They are sticks connected by wooden hubs drilled with several holes, allowing you to build all sorts of amazing structures.  To me, the Release Program is one way to restructure your reality.  Like the Tinker Toy pieces, you can remove the sticks, or the hubs if you don’t like the structure you’ve built.  You can add new pieces to create something different and exciting!  The pieces are still the same, it is just what you name them and how you put them together that makes the structure unique.

Change your perception -- change your life!

Change your perception — change your life!

One comment I’ve heard from many magickal and spiritual folks is that there just isn’t enough time in their busy schedules to stop, breathe, and connect to the power and universal love that is around them.  When you truncate this connection — the spirit inside you starves, and as your mind isn’t happy unless it is fed, all sorts of negative pathways can link to you without your conscious awareness — sort of like a computer virus.  You don’t realize it is too late — until you crash.  This upset might be sickness, negative behavior, accidents or worse.  The point of our 30 Day Release Program is to work from the outside in — and from the inside out.  We examine our physical space, which affects the spiritual space within us — and we examine the spiritual space within us, which affects the physical space around us.  As Within — So Without.

Sun in Sagittarius (Fire) New Moon — Beginnings (7:22 PM EST/4:22 PM PST) Moon in Sagittarius — Innovative, Spiritual, Joy — Fire Monday — Ruled by the Moon Monday’s Angel:  Gabriel*

* Gabriel is second only to Michael in both Christian and Jewish lore.  The root word for her name is Sumerian in origin.  It means “governor of light” with the suffix “el” meaning “shining”.  (See my book, Angels – Companions in Magick for full details.)  The legend of Gabriel is thought to have come from the life events of a real woman, a woman of royalty who treated her subjects with great kindness and love.  Upon her death, her legend grew as protectress of women and children.  Her lore runs from Royalty, to Goddess, to Angel.  Gabriel rules messages from the divine, psychism, the moon, your subconscious, domestic and family needs.  If you see a horse, or a winged horse — Gabriel is speaking to you.  Other signs include a barking dog, a beautiful spiderweb, and white flowers.  The Lily is sacred to her.  Gabriel is the Angel of Wishes and it is appropriate on every new or full moon (regardless of the day on which it falls) to petition her with your wishes.  As this new moon falls on Her day — you are blessed with double luck!

Today’s Challenge — Create a sacred area that you will use for the next 30 days in conjunction with this program.  It can be temporary or permanent.  The space can be large or small (like the top of a dresser).  Regardless of what you choose, the space should be clean and uncluttered.  When you are finished setting up the area, take five minutes to relax, breathe deeply, and connect with Spirit.  If the past several months have been very difficult for you — create a new mantra or affirmation that you can use often.  For example:  “I live, breathe, speak, think and act in Joy.  I am joy!”  Each time you repeat the statement, be sure to breathe deeply, allowing joy to enter your life.  It won’t come unless you say it is okay!  You can light a white candle dressed with blessing oil, if you like, or choose a light blue candle to match the day — Monday.  You may also find light music, bells or the sound of a singing bowl to help freshen the atmosphere around you.

Once you feel calm and “lighter” write your main goal for this program on a small piece of paper or a 3×5 card.  You can “dress” the white card with perfume or your favorite magickal oil.  Place the card in the center of your altar or table.  If you don’t want someone to read it, put it under a cloth or a bowl filled with “sweets” such as wrapped candies.  At the end of the program, you will give the candies to the Spirits by placing them outside (unwrapped).  If you fear someone will read what you have written even though you’ve been discreet — write your goal in water (yes, clear water) on the card with your finger or with a stick.  Allow the card to dry, then place the card in the center of your sacred table.

Today the Moon and the Sun are in mutable Sagittarius — a fire sign ruled by the planet Jupiter (the giver of wishes, good luck, and general expansion).  Jupiter is associated with Purple or sometimes Crimson Red or Gold.  Below I’ve provided you with a ready-made sigil paper that I designed for your use if you like.  You can add other symbols to it, perhaps the sigil of Sagittarius, the Sun and the Moon, magickal writing, or runes.  Your wish goes in the center of the sigil.

Sigil designed for Jupiter workings.

Sigil designed for Jupiter workings.

You can use the design to make all nine (9) wishes.  Only one wish per sigil.  Think carefully before you write your wishes.  Be clear and succinct.  You can write your wishes with red, purple, or gold ink (pen, or marker).  When you are finished, write the person’s name the wish is for on the back of the sigil.  If you like, dress each sigil with a magickal oil with either an association to the wish, or to the element of Fire, or success/good luck.  You can use your own words to petition Gabriel, or you can use the following invocation, a portion of the full version which appears in my angel magick book.

Invocation to Gabriel

Sumerian priestess of the light I seek thy presence here this night. as aquamarine enchants the dusk and autumn blooms its sacred musk. Arise, sweet Gabriel of the moon With gold-tinged wings and crying loon. Come to me my warrior Queen who tells of birth and things unseen from wisdom’s fountain I seek to drink and open mystery I’ve yet to think. Grant to me my wish this night And let it bloom within the light. So be it.

Repeat each wish aloud nine times, then burn each paper, saying:  “I know you will do this for me”.  Gabriel works very well with Braucherei material as her timing plays out to 3 days, 9 days, or 27 days to fruition.  Scatter the cold ashes to the wind outside.

To finish, purposefully go through your home or apartment and throw out NINE things that are either broken or can no longer service you.  Trash counts, too, except not nine little pieces of paper — if you want the good stuff to come into your life you have to make an effort to remove things blocking the way.  If you can’t find nine items to pitch, consider donating nine items to charity.

Today’s work closes with one five-minute speed cleaning exercise.  See how much you can do in just five minutes.  On your Mark!  Get set!  Go!


Today we: (1) Thought about the connections in our lives, and considered how we can re-structure our behavior to welcome more positive energies. (2)  We set up a sacred area for our work this month. (3)  We set one important goal. (4)  We made nine wishes. (5)  We threw out (or donated) nine physical items. (6)  We did one 5-minute cleaning exercise!

Tomorrow:  Get those trash bags ready — were are going to de-clutter!

Until tomorrow! Only the Good Remains. Silver

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