Day Three of the Great Release Program — 3 December 2013 — Tuesday

If you are confused about what to work for (so many ideas rushing through your head that you can’t make up your mind) — work for joy. If you receive joy, then love, healing, prosperity and protection are constantly around you. The more you wish for joy, the more harmonious your life becomes.

Day 3 of the Great Release Challenge — 3 December 2013 — Tuesday by Silver RavenWolf copyright 2013

Sun in Sagittarius (Fire) First Quarter Moon (Beginnings or New Ideas for old projects) Moon in Sagittarius — Innovative, Spiritual, Courage, Social Activities, Partnerships, Joy — Fire Tuesday — Ruled by Mars Tuesday’s Angel:  Samael

Our first exercise today is the : Mad Minute!  You have exactly one minute.  Just one!  How much can you get done in one, single minute?  On your mark…Get Set…Go!

How did you do?  Did you find yourself wanting to take more time?  You see, this is reverse psychology.  When you are up against a limit, it can become fun and you want to do more!  What were you able to accomplish is just one minute?

Today is definitely a Fire Element Day with Sun and Moon in Sagittarius falling on a Tuesday (fire day).  If you choose to do any magick today (to push a project forward, to add renewed zest to an old project, or to continue setting up something brand new, the element of fire will help you to raise the power and push the job through!  Lighting a red candle dressed with a magickal fire oil (or an oil associated with fire correspondences), adding fire herbs to a red conjuring bag, or even blessing objects over an open fire pit or glowing charcoal with fire related incense can help to push your desires forward.  A fire ritual gains more power if you perform the magick in the planetary hour of Mars or the Sun.  You can purchase a planetary hour app, calculate the hours yourself, or search the net for a planetary hour calculator.  Planetary hours are location specific, based on the time the sun rises each day.  For more information on planetary hours, visit this link:  Planetary Hours.

If you are planning to make a fire conjuring bag dedicated to a specific working, you may enjoy adding and empowering some of the seasonal herbs and resins listed below:

Allspice Cedar Chestnut Cinnamon Clove Frankincense Ginger Pine Nutmeg Oak Orange Peppermint Tangerine Walnut

Invoke Samael for issues concerning courage, overcoming obstacles, and winning in the combat against an enemy.  Samael is thought to remove aggression, hate and malice, allowing you to ultimately win the war.  An angel of protection, Samael will usually send you messages that your petition will be granted within seven days.  His symbol is a knife or sword.  Dropping silverware or spices (by accident), particularly knives, is a sign that your request has been heard and will be granted.(1)   He can be used for all manner of issues — healing, monetary problems, communication difficulties — setting the pathway to joy rather than sorrow.  You can use the following short invocation, repeating the last two lines nine (9) times, or write a longer charm that suits your taste.

I take the power in my hands from air and fire, and water and land. I call thee Samael by name Angelic being of fire and flame!

Five weeks ago a friend of mine and one of his students worked healing magick for a mutual friend by invoking Samael.  Every Tuesday, at the same time, the two individuals performed a healing ritual for a person who was recently diagnosed with hepatitis C.  At the end of the four weeks, the individual they were working for called and said that they had dropped silverware by accident all over the floor. This person did not know that dropping knives and silverware was an indication of the angelic message that Samael had heard the petition, and was concerned that such an accident was a bad omen.  “That means the magick is working,” said my friend.  “Don’t worry about it.”  One week later?  After repeat testing — The hepatitis C was gone.  That’s right.  Gone!

So!  If someone tells you that working with angels is bull?  Feel sad for them.  They are missing a beautiful empowerment experience.

Today’s Challenge:  Remove all Clutter from your living environment (or your office or place of employment).  I know how quickly junk can pile up, particularly if you have been sick or had to deal with a break in routine due to the holiday, family emergencies, or fatigue.  One day the house or apartment was clean and five days later you look around and…what?!?!  The longer you wait to remove the clutter, the worse it gets.  I have a theory, you see, that clutter is an invisible being that draws items to itself because it is hungry.  While your back is turned it morphs into sight and levitates things toward a gaping orifice somewhere on its body.  When you quickly turn around, it fades into invisibility, exposing only the junk.  Most frightening is that it breeds, sending offspring to every room in the house!  It is then they work together, reaching out to trip you at every turn!  Grasping at your ankles.  Clawing at your shins!  Smacking you on the head when you’re not looking!  It is a true travesty!

Clutter tears you down.  It makes you just plain exhausted looking at it.  The clutter saps your energy like a psychic vampire dragging your emotions into the dirty toilet of emotional pain.  It…ahem.  Well, you get the point.  Today, the clutter has got to go!  What if you are ahead of the game?  What if you have absolutely no clutter in your house or apartment?


Look again.

If you still don’t see any, choose something from your To Do list to accomplish today.

What if there is so much clutter that you can’t get to it today?  No worries.  You can work on it all week, a little at a time, if you need to.  For you – your goal is to have all clutter gone by Sunday!

What if most of the house is great…except one room.   Work on that room a little at a time each day until you can get it clutter free.  (This would be me this year.)  Your goal — clutter gone by Sunday!

Getting rid of the clutter in the home and work place helps to clear your environmental field where negativity can get stuck and fester.  If you are having trouble sleeping, be sure to really go through the bedroom.  Remove any negative emotional pictures, statues, jewelry, boxes, bags, or clothing that fosters painful memories.

Your Calendar

Nope.  I didn’t forget.  Below is this year’s calendar.  Print it off and hang it somewhere.  Each day, write briefly what you accomplished!  Don’t forget to give yourself gold stars for completed tasks!

Give yourself one gold star each day if you remove at least one item completely from your home or apartment. Give yourself two gold stars if you complete all the tasks on any given day. Be sure to choose a REWARD DAY — when you will treat yourself with something special!


Today we talked about the motivational energy of fire and how it can be useful to you.  Here is your checklist: (1)  Remember to do your Braucherei Morning Ritual. (2)  Don’t forget those deep, cleansing breaths.  If things get a little stressful throughout the day, stop, relax and take at least three, deep cleansing breaths. (3)  Consider doing some fire magick today. (4)  Remove all the clutter from home/work environment. (5)  Throw out, recycle, upcycle or give away one thing. (6)  Tell me what you able to accomplish in your Mad Minute exercise!

Tomorrow:  Suck up the dust, baby!

Peace with the Gods Peace with Nature Peace within. Only the good remains.


Angel Resources — (1) Goddard, David.  The Sacred Magic of the Angels. Samuel Weiser, Inc.

(2) Angels — Companions in Magick (my book)

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