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Day One of the GREAT Magickal Release Countdown!

Nothing and no one can stop you from thinking Great! Successful! Thoughts!

2010 The GREAT Magickal Release Countdown! 30 Day Challenge to an Awesome New You! by Silver RavenWolf

Last year several FaceBook and MySpace friends joined me in our first HedgeWitch Year-End RELEASE challenge!  Starting December 1st, each day we made  an effort to release at least one thing from our lives that carried negative feelings, dirt, clutter, or emotional stress!  We realized that if we wanted great, neat, new, cool things to enter our lives, we wouldn’t get them if we didn’t make room for them.  In reality, you can’t receive if you don’t let go.

In the old days they called this release energy — sacrifice — a heavy word that carries too many violent connotations for the modern mind.  Even saying the word can conjure fear, anxiety, or panic — feelings that are not conducive to creating a sound, psychological platform for any spell or working for positive change if your goal is focused on the harmony of the higher mind, body and spirit.  The word — release — indicates we have a choice that carries a positive spin.

It is human nature (I believe) that we all hoard in some form or manner.  There are folks that gather physical stuff and those who collect things we cannot see; but, certainly feel.  Regardless of your type of collection — it doesn’t hurt to do some sort of cleansing on a cyclical basis.  Last year I chose the calendar year-end for a physical and psychological deep cleaning because it can be a time of year when emotional stress reaches its height due to the big four (in America) holidays that roll out in quick succession — Halloween, Thanksgiving, Yule, and New Year’s.   Usually, Halloween is the most fun with the least amount of psycho-drama,  Thanksgiving motors in with its family squabbles, Yule with its financial pressures, and finally the calendar New Year squats in the detritus of the other three holidays.  By January 2nd you are tired, broke, and stuck with a filthy living environment not to mention hurt feelings from some family bullshit that occurred along the way.

Okay…so…that’s for the regular people.  But, we’re not normal, are we?  Nope!  We are the magickal folk  that totally understand we live in the world of energy and if it ain’t going our way — we fix it, because we know how powerful our minds really can be and that what we think — we create.  Which means that putting a little twinkle in our lives to make the world a better place (and ourselves happier) is something we know how to do.  So…why not do it!

To make the Great Magickal Release Challenge more interesting last year, I broke each day’s entry into three parts — the what-you-get-to-do-today section first, and then my diary on how these suggestions were working for me as the second part.  Your posts became the third and vital section, keeping us all working together by adding your own thoughts and feelings.  This worked so well that we’re going to keep the same format this year.  Every day, we’ll focus on one little, itty-bitty, part of our lives or environment with the agreement that by the time we’re done all the small steps we’ve made will culminate in a happy, successful, delightful holiday season.

So!  Beginning today, start pitching, giving away, and letting that ratty old, broken stuff go!  If you start vacillating over something, then ask yourself this:  Have I used this item in the last six months?  If you haven’t, odds are you won’t ever.  If you counter yourself with the — I can fix it — excuse, ask yourself this:  Have you bothered to fix the item in the last three months?  If the answer is No! — its gotta go!  If you think:  I can sell this, — that’s really a great idea; BUT, did you bother to sell it in the last six months?  No?  Out it goes!

December 1st — Today’s Release Suggestion:  Go into your bathroom with a trash bag in hand.  Throw away all those old toiletries, cosmetics, and other junk that tends to gravitate there.  Get rid of the ratty magazines, the crusted and bent toothpaste tube, the errant and wandering old toothbrushes and razors, and that mouthwash brand  your sister left when she was visiting last month.

Join the challenge to discover the whole new, magickal you! Look forward to your goal of January 1st, with an eye on good health, happiness, positive abundance and love.  You can do it!  As often as I can I’ll be posting my own progress.  Be sure to add your comments and include the stuff you’re releasing, too.  By letting go of physical objects and the energy that collects around them we allow the experiences we truly desire to manifest in our lives in a faster easier way.  Don’t delay — start pitching today!

To make things a little more easier for you, I’ve written a special article on a Braucherei daily ritual that takes only minutes to do.  Give it a once over and see if you might like to add it to your own 2010 Great Magickal Release Challenge!

The Rules of this Year’s Challenge

1.  You must get rid of something every single day.  Give it away, throw it away, sell it…whatever.  It must leave your living or working environment on that day.  (Not set aside until tomorrow.)  If you don’t release old, nasty, broken stuff — you won’t be able to get great new stuff in your life because there is no room.  If your living or working area is filthy and a mess — all that dirt hold negativity.  If you can’t walk through a room, how do you expect to run to your goal?

2.  If you’ve already done my suggestion for the day — you don’t get to skate — you must choose something else.  Be creative and share with us!

3.  If you are traveling or not at your place of business or residence, start by cleaning out your purse, travel bag, briefcase, vehicle and make note of what you’ve missed on the general list to do later, when you arrive back home.

That’s it!  One thing, every day.  Oh, yes, we’ll get to that refrigerator, too — I just didn’t want to hit you with the big stuff right away.  Give you a chance to ease into the program; but, don’t worry, the molding food’s days are numbered.

In service

Silver RavenWolf

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