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Day 63 - Let's Journal!

I was finally able to turn most of the garden beds and prepare them for planting.  White Sage, cucumbers, butternut squash, and more!  In my spare time, I've been making a quilt square a day -- eventually, I will finish my moo-cow and cherries quilt!

We sit at 63 quarantine days and counting!  Today's challenge consists of a few short questions about the last two months (or so).  We lived through it -- let's boost our empowerment by reviewing our experiences.  If you skip a question because it makes you feel uncomfortable, that's okay.  Take the time to determine why it stirs particular emotions.  Ready?  Here goes!

  1.  The best experience I had in the last 60 days was...

  2.   I learned something super cool in the last 60 days.  I learned...

  3.   Looking back on my experiences of the last 60 days, I am most grateful for...

  4.   I so totally did not like...

  5.   The most important lesson I learned was...

  6.   What do I wish I would have known at the start of the pandemic?

  7.   What is the most spiritual lesson/enlightenment experience I had?

  8.   Now that I have gone through this unusual experience, what in one paragraph would I write so that someone who reads it 50 years from now can benefit?

Big Hugs! Peace with the Gods! Peace with Nature! Peace within!


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