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Day 41 -- Healing Bear Hex Sign by Silver RavenWolf

"Bear Medicine" is thought to bring healing, balance, endurance, and wisdom of the healing plants and energies.  Bear is considered the teacher of medicine and the symbolic Mother of all animals.  Also thought to accompany the spirits of the dead in their transition, Bear spirit walks with the human soul as it journies to its destination -- Bear is the Walker Between the Worlds.  Bear Medicine carries amazing power for those who are reverent and serious in their requests.

Today's Challenge -- Print Out the Healing Bear Hex.  Contemplate the energy of the Healing Bear as you color the hex and empower either for yourself or someone else.  What message does Bear have for you?

On the back of your drawing, you can use other elements (sigils, magickal writing, etc.) to enhance your intent.  If the design seems lacking to you, you can incorporate the idea into something else.  To make today's challenge more interesting, research the power of the bear in magick, and post the one thing that really stands out in your mind about Bear's energy.  Something that you feel others may benefit from knowing.  Bears eat roots, grasses, bugs, fish, and meat.  Once you have empowered your hex sign, place an offering to the spirit of Bear on top of the drawing.  Leave for 24 hours, then take the gift outside and give it back to nature.  Be sure to thank the Bear energy for helping you.  Keep your hex sign drawing in a safe place until your request has been answered or you have received the aid you needed.  Dispose of the drawing as you see fit.

Your Challenge Today:  Work with Bear Medicine! Earn 100 stars!

Throw or Give one thing away.  Fill the void by aspiring to learn something new!

Peace with the Gods Peace with Nature Peace Within!


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