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Day 39 - Your Lucky Stars!

Time to activate your Lucky Stars!  Someone wrote me the other day that she "sure needed some luck right now!"  So!  Here are some Lucky Stars to color and cut out -- use them in conjure bags, jar spells, dream pillows, and sachets!  There is nothing luckier than those Pennsylvania Dutch Hex Signs!  Make enough copies so that the whole family can have fun coloring in the designs.

Lucky Herbal Magnet Formula! --  On a strip of paper (or your lucky star pic) write your needs.  Roll the following ingredients in the paper -- Brown Sugar, Diced Orange Peels, a dash of cinnamon, a sliver of hot pepper, and a bit of ginger!  Add a copper penny OR a bit of copper wire.  Wrap paper with red string nice and tight so the herbals don't fall out.  Coat the entire herbal magnet with honey or molasses!   Blow on your herbal magnet 9 times -- whispering your needs over the paper and envisioning your desires being drawn straight to you.  Place on your altar for 24-hours.   It is okay to set your Lucky Herbal Magnet under a glass in case you have curious pets.  At the end of 24 hours, at dawn, put your Lucky Herbal Magnet in a flower pot just outside the front door.  If you are using a clay pot -- write your full name on the pot (that way the spirits know the name of the family that needs the good luck!).

Today's Challenge!  Be creative!  Use your Lucky Stars in any way you desire.  Make a Lucky Herbal Formula to bring Good Luck straight to your door!  Earn 75 Stars!

Until tomorrow!!!

Peace with the Gods Peace with Nature Peace Within!


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