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Day 29 – Great Release Program – 29 December 2018 – Saturday – Silver RavenW


All things come from your mindset. The moment you embrace this perception is the moment you are truly free.

Day 29 – 4th Quarter Moon in Libra Saturday – Saturn Planetary Day

4th Quarter Moon lends extremely well to cleansing, clearing, and removing that which no longer serves you.  The planetary energies today through Monday support letting go; but, they also encourage personal evaluation in the process.  Don’t be fooled by what you tell everyone is the reason that you did this or that in the act of clearing– meaning, don’t believe your own PR or the release is worthless.  The program and the action work best if you treat yourself with honesty.

Oh my stars we are so-o-o-o close!  Take a few minutes to breathe deeply and celebrate all your accomplishments these last few weeks!  After today?  Only two days and we are done!  Whoot!

Your Challenge Today: Prepare a New Year Ceremony to be done on the Eve or New Year’s Day.  If you choose the eve, you can tap into the rolling thunder energy as people celebrate across the world.  This ceremony should include your main goal and your release activities.  You may wish to keep in mind that on New Year’s Eve Mars moves into Aries and the Moon is in 4th quarter Scorpio.  On New Year’s Day, the Sun in Capricorn is co-joined with Saturn in Capricorn – giving a solid foundation to your working.  Themes for your practice may concentrate on letting go of mental and physical issues, which will feed nicely into the natural planetary flow available.  Workings to open the pathway to receive assistance from older and wiser folks, concentrating on removing the weeds that erode the base structure of what you desire, and clearing the fog of misconception might all be good choices.  Protection magicks and for self and family as well as requests for insight and fashioning poppets and sachets for healing are encouraged by the moon’s placement.  The time is also right for inquiry of information.

Your altar setup might include the primary elemental associations of the Sun and Moon. Moon is in Scorpio (water, fixed) and the Sun is still in Capricorn (earth, cardinal – starter sign).  A red candle dedicated to Mars and personal motivation might also be added.

Second Challenge:  Today, work on your weekly goal.  These last three days we’ll be concentrating on what we wanted to accomplish at the beginning of the program; but, for some reason we just didn’t get it done.

House Blessing Wash/Asperging Mixture for the New Year


New Year Floor Wash – I posted this piece last year and am including it here should you wish to incorporate the blend in your working.  I have found that the temperature of the water truly does make a difference.  In this formula, you use the empowered herb, fruit, and water mixture to bless your house, a specific room, your front or back porch, interior and exterior doors, etc.  Check the temp of the water to ensure that it is exactly 39 degrees Fahrenheit when you empower it.  Franz Bardon ( found the water holds a charge better than at any other temp.  I’ve tried this chilled water technique and it works beautifully!

You can use this formula at any time during the year to break apart negativity and destroy blocks that stand in the way of your prosperity and general happiness.  In warm weather, use a broom to completely wash the front steps, porch, and back entrances into your living area. A good formula for general ritual circle, for cleansing the area before a wedding or baby blessing, or clearing out your sacred space once a month.

My Progress — All the holiday decorations are packed in new containers and stored.  This required tearing out the entire closet (which I was avoiding) and re-stacking by season in order of their occurrence.  Whew!  I also laundered all my holiday socks (I love holiday socks), hats, scarves, etc.  Got another bag ready for the donation bin, a box of books for the book bin, and a stack of stuff to be distributed elsewhere.  I’ve prepared my 2019 planner and already posted dates for important events.  The front porch is cleared, cleaned, and blessed as well as the back area.  The outdoor ritual circle was cleansed and will be rededicated on the new moon in January.  Tomorrow I’ll be washing the carpets and blankets.  For two days the whole house was torn apart as I labored to put away all the holiday fare.  At the beginning of the season, I promised myself that I would only use a decoration or two and that I would NOT buy any more stuff.

What?  Two more boxes to put away that weren’t there last year?  Nah!  Gulp.  What did I say earlier?  Be honest with yourself.  Argh.

Remember – No matter what – give or throw something away today.  Release!  Release!  Release!


  1. Do the Morning Ritual – earn one gold star.

  2. Practice the Rattle Bath/Crystal Cleansing – earn one gold star.

  3. Mark what you accomplished on your Great Release Calendar.

  4. Did you remember to invoke your special symbol first thing when you woke up?

  5. Plan your New Year Ritual (Eve or Day). Earn 10 stars!

  6. Work on your weekly goal – 5 stars if you finish early!

  7. Practice one 3-Minute Dash.  Earn 1 star.

  8. Practice one Dust-Up! Earn 1 star.

  9. Tonight, remember to practice your Nightly Buzz-Through Review. Earn 2 stars!

  10. Do a mental review of your day before you fall asleep – make it quick – don’t let the mind stick.

Peace with the Gods Peace with Nature Peace Within.


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