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Day 26 – Great Release Program – 26 December 2018 – Wednesday – Silver Raven


Day Twenty-Six- of 2018 Great Release Program – 26 December – Wednesday By Silver RavenWolf

3rd Quarter Moon moves from Leo to Virgo – Transition of fire to earth!

Mercury Planetary Day

Daily Brew – The Stars and You!  26 December – Wednesday – Kwanzaa begins today, many blessings to all who celebrate!  3rd Quarter Leo Moon moves into organizing Virgo, just in time for holiday clean-up and preparing your altar/living area for welcoming in the New Year on Monday when the Moon will energize the world with 4th quarter energy in Scorpio. Dump, pitch, remove, organize, straighten-up, clean, and release all that does not serve you well – Virgo energy will be more than happy to help the next two days.

Your Progress:  On yesterday’s post, Keair wrote of an experience with a fairy statue, about how they kept the broken piece even though it was from a toxic person who had left their life long ago.  Delightfully, Keair contemplated the attachments of the statue and chose to let it go.

As I grew older, I learned that if someone leaves my life in an unhappy way, it is good to go through the house and remove any items I have received from them.  I gather those things up and burn them (if they are combustible) because I believe that the energy of a gift tracks back to the moment of receipt, where you opened yourself to accept the flow of energy from that person. If that individual is negative, or insists on keeping themselves in a bad place after my association has ended, it is good (I believe) to remove all connections to/from that person.  I consciously and with purpose cut the flow of energy that runs from the individual along my personal web to me.  If I can’t burn the article, I break it, douse it with salt, and either throw it in the trash or recycle bin.  I often don’t give the object away because I don’t want negative energy attached to the piece to go to someone else.  At the same time (usually within the week) I look through my photos and eliminate that individual’s image from my collection.

To some, this may seem a waste; but, to me, it has become a relief.  Sometimes it is hard to part with an item that you liked.  And, in some ways, there is a connection to things you enjoyed about the person and the things you like about the object.  I have learned that letting go of that favored thing makes me feel so much better, even though at the moment of choice, I vacillate and dread the release.  I have held breakables in my hands, sighed, and then busted them to pieces, covered the shards with salt, shook it all together, and headed for the recycle bin.

Don’t just think about your home.  The workplace can also hold negative energy from a toxic person who has gone on to another job or department.  Although this post focuses more on one or two items, you may be left with an entire house full of goods.  In that case, ask friends to help you release and remove things.  You may wish to cleanse and bless items before you truck them off to charity.

But, for the small gift here or there (or the trash can full) regarding emotional letting go?  My outdoor bonfire has become my best friend!

This was a good day to think about gifts we have received from nice folks as well as toxic people because this is personal pamper day where your feelings and well-being are the focus of the challenge!  We have just left most of the holiday flurry behind, and there is usually that one asshole who has orchestrated the stress of the holidays to make you feel bad and heighten the drama and attention on themselves.  (Hand to forehead, “I am so leaving now!”).  And even though it may be the last time you see them (thank goodness) because you have slammed the door behind them permanently – you still carry the hurt, irritation, or anger.  I believe that by removing the stuff their sticky hands gave you, supports the choice to begin the healing process.

Only you alone can determine the value of an item, what you want to do with it, and how you wish it to exit (or not) your life.  This post discusses how I handle such things; but, you may not feel the same way.  The important practice is that you enact a release activity that supports letting go of toxic people and the items they gave you.

Your Challenge Today: Personal Pamper Day!  Today is your day to do what you want, when you want, the way you want!  Today is all about you!  Do at least FIVE things (the number of change) to celebrate you!

Thank you so much for posting your comments!  I am also enjoying the photos!  Here is a lovely Healing Penny Packet from one of this year’s program participants!


Remember – No matter what – give or throw something away today.  Release!  Release!  Release!


  1. Do the Morning Ritual – earn one gold star.

  2. Practice the Rattle Bath/Crystal Cleansing – earn one gold star.

  3. Mark what you accomplished on your Great Release Calendar

  4. Did you remember to invoke your special symbol first thing when you woke up?

  5. This day is just for you!  Pamper yourself and earn 10 stars!

  6. Remove (in a healing way) something from the home that was given to you by an emotionally toxic person – 20 stars.

  7. No Dashes!

  8. No Dust-ups!

  9. Tonight, remember to practice your Nightly Buzz-Through Review. Earn 2 stars!

  10. Do a mental review of your day before you fall asleep – make it quick – don’t let the mind stick.

Peace with the Gods Peace with Nature Peace within!


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