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Day 22 of the Great Release Program!

Our View of Ourselves is Often Skewed -- We are So Smashed Against Ourselves with Emotions that we Fail to See our Talents

Day 22 of the Great Release Challenge 30 Days to an Awesome New You!

by Silver RavenWolf

Your Mission Today:  Wash a window.  Just one will do; however, if you really want to push the grime away — do as many as you can.  This includes any windows within the house, such as the microwave, the glass on any furniture, and the faces of all clocks.  Finally, clean any mirrors in the house or apartment.


On one level, the washing of something we see through or reflects images back to us,  symbolically indicates we are ready to view ourselves and the world around us clearly, and (perhaps) from a different point of view — whatever might be necessary to move forward in life and expand mentally and spiritually.  There is an old adage that says:  To be enlightened, is to know thyself.  Surface consideration of this saying is something we’ve all thought of many times.  We must dig deep within ourselves, unearth the old negative thoughts and habits, and replace those ideas with new and healthier feelings about ourselves.  It is necessary, to move forward, to jettison past programming introduced by others or by the self.  Changing the way we think on any subject is totally within our control; therefore, we must first recognize that we own this control before we can capably exercise it.

The Great Release Challenge you are working on shows your desire to become a better person by focusing on your environment and on yourself.  By no means selfish, the program is designed to empower the totality of you.  If you are not happy within the self, then you are not affecting the world around you in the best way possible.  What is within — is without.  The program’s main function is to get you thinking in a flow of positive change.  When actively engaged in outward change, we give ourselves the opportunity of inward change.

And when we hit the tipping point of inward change, simply amazing things can happen!

Just think, all you might do is wash a damn window, and epiphany strikes.

Sometimes, its just one little thing — one outward change — that moves the entire foundation of you.

There is another way to look at the statement:  Know Thyself.

What if it doesn’t mean — understand yourself.

What if it REALLY means — change yourself into that which you most desire.

Remember what I’ve been trying to teach you with magick?  Do you remember my discussion on the words “To Know”?  Let’s go over what I wrote to you twenty-two days ago:

To Know — This is the most important of the four building blocks.  It means to know within yourself that what you desire WILL come to pass.  It is an assurance within your heart, mind and soul — an agreement of all your senses.  To know always ends with a smile.  It is the thought, the bone structure, of what you desire.  It is the bud that will unfold and bring your desire to fruition.  In Braucherei, ‘ To Know’ is used often and many times stated in a veiled way, sometimes predicated on faith, belief, or a statement of what surely is.  To Know in your heart that things will work out — is absolutely vital to magick and getting what you want or need.  You must supersede the monkey-mind and rise above your own doubts.  You must KNOW, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that what you desire will manifest.

To Know, then, is a combined use of your senses — you must emotionally feel that all will be well — you must think that all will be well — you must act as if all will be well.

To Know…is to believe.

To Know…is to have faith.

To Know…is to acknowledge.

To Know…is to dare.

To Know…is to will.

To Know…is to be silent…because the silence is your agreement of what is to be.

Therefore…To Know…may not mean the understanding of oneself — To Know may mean the making of yourself.

When you say:  I Know — and really mean it — there is a stupendous moment of perfection, often a split second that the monkey-mind may not recognize, and therefore chatter over.  Extend the second…and watch how you feel.  That feeling of peace.  That feeling of utter harmony?  That is to Know.  That is your power.  That is your message that what you desire will manifest.

Too often, though, our personal vision of ourselves is skewed (today’s pic) and we find ourselves so smashed into our own reflections that we don’t see ourselves clearly.

The most powerful magick then?  Is not what you direct toward others — but, what you direct and absorb toward and within yourself.

Try — Knowing — Yourself, today.

My Release Diary — Yule today, for me, was very pleasant.  I spent the morning relaxing and playing with the rat-of-the-rat-palace.  For lunch I met a very good friend and we spent several hours together chatting.  We started at the restaurant and wandered back to my house.  As we were talking I picked up a silver charm on my dining room table.  I don’t know where the charm came from — there have been so many people in and out of here in the last week with all the holidays.  I played with the charm for quite a long time while listening to my friend talk about her deceased parents (in a good way) — memories, stories, I love to hear the lilt in her voice (Mum was from England).  After awhile I tossed the charm to her and said, “Do you know what this is?  I don’t know where it came from.”

She rolled it over in her hands and shook her head.  “Its obvious its Asian characters,” she said, “but, I haven’t a clue what it means.”

The conversation continued, we shared hugs and good wishes, as some of my family members began rolling in the door.  After dinner, with the table cleared, I sat down to have a cup of tea and picked up the charm.  This time I had my glasses on, and there, plain as day on the back of the charm, was the imprinted word:  Friend.

I nodded.

Yes, indeed.

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