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Simple Salt Spell Packs an Enormous Punch!

Do you have something you want to accomplish but have been a bit sluggish about it?  Write the activity down on a piece of paper and draw a circle around it.  Cover your writing with salt.  At the bottom of the paper, write the numbers 1 through 10.  Close your eyes and visualize the effortless completion of your task, counting backward, ten through one.  Place a clear glass upside down over the salt.  If you feel moved to do so, set a blessed, clear glass of water to the left of your drawing -- this is libation for the spirits.

Do one thing today that brings you closer to the completion of the task.  Put an “X” or other mark over the number one.  Say one thing you are grateful for aloud.  Cross off more numbers and continue your gratitude statements to match the number as you finish additional steps toward your goal.  For example, number three would have three gratitude statements, and number seven would have seven statements.  When you mark off the last number and complete your ten gratitude statements, celebrate your accomplishment, and be sure to give yourself a reward!  Give the salt and water back to the earth. Burn the paper.

You can use the picture above as your spell base or draw your own!

PS: Now and then? Unusual patterns appear in the salt under the protective glass. Some believe these are divinatory messages from the loving spirits. Be sure to write down what the patterns look like to you in your journal.

Have a delightful day! Silver RavenWolf

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