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Day 22 – Great Release Program – Saturday – 22 December – Silver RavenWolf


Day Twenty–Two- of 2018 Great Release Program – 22 December – Saturday By Silver RavenWolf

2nd Quarter Moon moves into Cancer – Full Moon – Harvest Energy – Saturday – Saturn Planetary Ruler – Earth — with the full moon, you stand between the heavenly bodies and are the repository of the power.  Use this energy to accomplish your goals.  Although the full moon is seen as an opposition, it is truly the point of star power where the Witch IS the magick – where Sun and Moon flow into the self and can be manipulated to reach your goals.  Arguments occur over this time when the individual does not understand the use of this great power and allows it to create irritation and mishap in their lives.  Take control of your mindset and your focus.  Today, the Sun is in Capricorn, and the Moon is in Cancer – they are two ends of the spectrum of the same energy flow.  One is earth, the other water.  Bring the power together to obtain that which you desire.  The Saturn planetary correspondence of Saturday blends well with the Sun Capricorn influence, and you may wish to incorporate some of that stability in your working.  What will you do today to best utilize this energy?

Your Challenge Today –Create and perform a Full Moon ritual that corresponds to your goals.

Secondary Challenge:  Catch-Up Day for those who have already done their Solstice celebration.

Witness Stick:  For this program, I’m trying to keep the magicks simple – practices that you can do quickly and easily; but, still enjoy great success.  I developed the concept of the witness stick through the contemplation of several experiences I have had and discussions with magickal folks where I found similar ideas.  The “stick” or “stone” will witnesses your working and holds it in place until your desire manifests.  The Witness Stick can be used in a variety of ways, this is just one application for you to try.

Today’s enchantment is to take a Spirit Walk and find a stick that is about a foot long.  Your intent before the walk is to help support your primary program goal and your mindset should be open to all possibilities.  Remember, “The sea of potential is around me and in me – and I can do anything.”  If, however, you feel you want to use this practice for something other than this program’s goal, feel free to do so. The stick should be one you find on the ground and dead for some time if possible.  I collect several sticks for witness purposes during the year and dry them in my art room.  Once you have obtained the stick, bring it back to your sacred altar.  Cleanse, bless, and empower the stick for success in your primary goal.  You can carve runes, sigils, or other designs on the stick.  You can add colorful paints or markers.  Even glitter!


The next part of this magickal practice is to find one piece of old clothing that you will not use anymore.  You MUST have experienced a good day the last time you wore the garment.  If you can’t remember; but, can’t find any other old clothing – wash it with basil herb, allow it to dry, and then use it for this working.  You can use more than one garment or several types – a strip from a skirt, one from a shirt, one from a sock, one from old underwear, one from a sweater – what you choose empowers you.  Once you have located the clothing, tear it so that you have 11 strips of cloth about ½ inch wide.  Set these on your altar.  Discard what is left.

Bless these 11 strips of cloth and fill them with your intent (the goal of your program).  Each day, before you retire (or when you rise – you choose), wad the strip of cloth and place it between your palms in the 10 points of power exercise.  As you breathe, push your desire into the fabric.  When you lose the thought – you’re done.

Tie the strip of cloth onto the stick, with the affirmation that your goal has already occurred.  Do this each day until you have used all 11 pieces of cloth.

For the intent of this program, our end goal is New Year’s Eve – however, if you are reading this blog post at a different time of year, choose an end date that is important to you OR aligns with the quarters or cross-quarters (all 8 are known as power points for manifestation).*

On New Year’s Evetake the stick in your hands and feel the collection of energy you have placed there.  Relax as you experience the pulsating energy.  When you think the stick is blended for your needs, go outside.  Hold it up to the sky and state your intent as if it has already happened, then burn the stick in a ritual fire.  When the ashes are cold, scatter the bits in the wind.

Note:  You can also use strips of clothing from all household members for the purpose of family harmony or protection.

Remember – No matter what – give or throw something away today.  Release!

  1. Do the Morning Ritual – earn one gold star.

  2. Practice the Rattle Bath/Crystal Cleansing – earn one gold star.

  3. Mark what you accomplished on your Great Release Calendar

  4. Did you remember to invoke your special symbol first thing when you woke up? If you forgot, try again tomorrow, no worries.  At a time you choose today (or close to) focus on your special symbol for 1 minute.  How do you feel?

  5. One 3-minute Dash – earn 1 star.

  6. Use today’s Full Moon energy to enhance your goals. Earn 10 stars!

  7. Catch-Up Day for those who have already done their Solstice Celebration. – Earn 10 Stars!

  8. Begin making your witness stick.  Find the stick, decorate it, choose the clothing.  Tie one strip today.  Each day, tie on another strip.

  9. Do 2 Dust-ups! 2 stars!

  10. Don’t forget your reward on your finished weekly goal!

  11. Tonight, remember to practice your Nightly Buzz-Through Review. Earn 2 stars!

  12. Do a mental review of your day before you fall asleep – make it quick – don’t let the mind stick.

Peace with the Gods Peace with Nature Peace within!


*Quarters and Cross-Quarters include the Solstices, Equinoxes and Lammas, Mabon, Samhain, and Imbolc.  I realize the last four have different names depending upon your tradition or personal practice.

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