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Day 21 – Great Release Program – 21 December 2018 – Friday – Silver RavenWol


Day Twenty–One- of 2018 Great Release Program – 21 December – Friday By Silver RavenWolf

2nd Quarter Moon in Gemini – Sun Enters Capricorn – Solstice Energy!

Friday – Venus Planetary Ruler – Carve your name on a pink candle along with the word “Love” – empower for self-love, joy, and personal peace.  Try using the Ten Points of Power exercise previously discussed this week.

Spirit Animal Technique:  The next five days are going to be incredibly busy for many of you, so we want to keep the program as light and as enjoyable as possible.  Do what you can.  Don’t over-do or stress yourself on whether or not the program will succeed if you slack off a bit.  In fact, by now, you will naturally begin to keep things more organized because your inner self acknowledges the change in the energy of your living/working space since you started the program.

To help you cope, from now through the first of the year, I would like you to choose a sacred animal to assist you as you navigate these busy days.  It can be Merry Moose, or it might be another animal of your choice.  If you have no idea, sometimes the first animal you think of when you ask the question of, “Who will help me” works best.

That’s what I did, and I got a giraffe.

Go figure, and I really wanted a llama, or a goat (I think pygmy goats are cute), or… — but, giraffe showed up, so that’s what I’ll be using.  You don’t have to know why the animal appears.  That’s not important.  However, during the process, researching the animal, its needs, habitat, etc. can be very enlightening).  At the moment of introduction, just accept that the universe is sending help in this form — and move forward.  This is not an overthink challenge.  Just be it.  Just do it.  Just enjoy it.

Here is how your sacred animal will help you:  Any task you look at with stress — invoke your animal by either calling its name OR seeing it in your mind.  Any task at all.  All those, “Today, I have to…””Today I must do.” “I can’t let another day go without taking care of this stupid mess.” “He expects me to do this and I don’t want to let him down”. “I really don’t want to do this shit!” “This is a pain in the bupkiss; but, I have to do it.”  “I can’t believe she would bother me with this crap right now.”  Instead, when the irritation or negativity arises, say, “Help me to see and experience the opportunities that will manifest with the process and completion of this task” — if that is too much of a mouthful, pare it down with words of the same meaning.  You could say, “In this task I find enlightenment.”  Eventually, you won’t need to say the words.  You think of the animal?  Peace and calm settle in, and you just get it done without emotional angst.

In return for the assistance you receive, feed something in nature…birds…deer…plants — whatever suits you.

Try it.

Let me know how this technique works for you.

Your Challenge Today –Perform your Solstice Ceremony/Ritual as close to the event as possible given your schedule.  I realize that some of you will be celebrating tomorrow, and that this solstice ushers in the opposite season – the planets, elements, and the signs; however, are still the same.  Follow the season of your time zone for best results.  If today is not the solstice for you – this is a Catch-Up Day!  A rest day!  Or A Just Have Fun Day!

Remember – No matter what – give or throw something away today.  Release!


  1. Do the Morning Ritual – earn one gold star.

  2. Practice the Rattle Bath/Crystal Cleansing – earn one gold star.

  3. Mark what you accomplished on your Great Release Calendar

  4. Did you remember to invoke your special symbol first thing when you woke up? If you forgot, try again tomorrow, no worries.  At a time you choose today (or close to) focus on your special symbol for 1 minute.  How do you feel?

  5. One 3-minute Dash – earn 1 star.

  6. Burn an empowered pink candle with your name and whatever loving energy you might like carved on the candle. Earn 1 star.

  7. Enact your own Solstice Observance! If Solstice is not today for you?  Today, then, is your Catch-Up Day! – earn 10 stars!

  8. Welcome your Spirit Animal that will help you see opportunity in all tasks. –  earn 10 stars.

  9. Do 2 Dust-ups! 2 stars!

  10. Consider your next weekly goal.  Did you complete this week’s goal?  If not, move it to next week or pick another.  If you did – 20 stars for you!  (I believe in being generous).  Pick a new goal.

  11. Tonight, remember to practice your Nightly Buzz-Through Review. Earn 2 stars!

  12. Do a mental review of your day before you fall asleep – make it quick – don’t let the mind stick.

Peace with the Gods Peace with Nature Peace within!


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