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Day 20 of the Great Release Challenge!

Counting Your Blessings Sweetens Your Life

Day 20 of the Great Release Challenge! 30 Days to an Awesome New You!

by Silver RavenWolf

Your Mission Today:  Count your Blessings.  Really!  Literally!  This morning (or whenever you normally do your Braucherie Ritual Sequence).  List them off, one by one.  Take your time.  Find pleasure in the gifts you have been given!  The second part of today’s challenge?  Listen to your favorite song/music.  When you are occupying your mind with all that is good, all that is harmonious — then release of what does not serve you well becomes an easy exercise in positive behavior.  Everyone benefits.

We’re in crunch time.  For many of you, your major holiday of December is tomorrow, for others, it will be the 25th of this month, or perhaps another day yet this year.  You’re probably feeling the emotional squeeze and small things that normally don’t ruffle your feathers might threaten to send you over the top — like the dog peeing three times in a row on the floor, or perhaps the cheerful little wraith at the check-out counter who enthusiastically wishes you a happy religious holiday that isn’t yours.


Stop.  Take a deep breath.  Count your blessings.

And remember to sparkle!

You heard me.


In case you are planning your Yule ritual for tomorrow, here is the timing line-up:

Astrological Placements for Tuesday, 21 December 2010

— The Moon begins a Void at 3:13 AM EST Tuesday Morning. — The Full Moon in Gemini (Air Sign) Sun in Sagittarius (Fire Sign) occurs at 3:13 as well. — The Lunar Eclipse occurs at 3:17 AM EST (four minutes later) at 29 degrees Gemini 22 minutes. — Moon enters Cancer (Water) at 4:22 AM EST.  The Moon is no longer Void. — Sun enters Capricorn (Earth) at 6:30 PM EST (the actual moment of Winter Solstice).

My Release Diary!  Our Black Forest Healing Circle Yule Celebration was wonderful!  This year I decided to do something totally different — no tools.  None.  Nada.  We are the magick and so we chanted in circle round for the peace and prosperity of humankind.  That was it.  No bells and whistles.  No fantastic drama.  No sparkling tools with glistening prose.

Just people.


That was it.

My oldest daughter’s mother-in-law (very nice person) gave the gift of a flame-mill.  Once lit, the heat from the candles turn the magick mill.  It was so appropriate, that as the feast and the gift giving ensued — the wheel of fortune turned ever faster and brighter.

At the end of the evening I sat at alone at the dining room table with a stunning realization.  Every single thing I’d received or experienced that day, I’d thought about in days previous.  Normally, we are so busy with all sorts of issues in life that we say:  Yes, yada-yada, what you think you create; yet, we sometimes focus this adage only on the big things, or the nasty things, or the difficult things.  I think, perhaps, we fail to realize that all thoughts, even the very small ones, weave our destiny.

What did you think, today?

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