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Day 2 of the Magickal Release Program

Hmmm, guess we got carried away.

Day 2 — Magickal Release Countdown 30 Days to an Awesome New You! by Silver RavenWolf

Your Mission Today — Clean out your wallet, purse, briefcase, duffle, backpack, bookbag, laptop carrier, toolbox (if that’s what you carry with you all the time), etc.  Get rid of all receipts that don’t count, gum papers, old coupons, bits of straw paper from your last soda, business cards you haven’t taken a look at since you collected them and other trash.  While you’re at it — donate good quality extra purses and the like that you haven’t used in six months to a charity or give away to a friend or family member who lusted after the design– throw away the battered, torn stuff.

On the surface you may think this isn’t an important move; but, consider it this way —  a wallet, purse, bookbag, etc., is something you carry with you every day (or most days).  The material has a lot of your energy already attached to it.  Scientifically, they have proven that every time you touch something, you leave a bit of you on it, and it leaves a bit of itself on you!  Considering how many times you’ve touched that bag, it truly has a LOT of you on it.  Plus, it represents your personal wealth.  If you look at your bag or wallet — what does it say to you about how you’ve been thinking lately?  Cluttered?  Dirty?  Worn?  If you have chosen to keep this vehicle, then a good cleansing is in order, physically as well as energy-wise.  Once you have cleaned that wallet or purse, why not smudge it with your favorite spiritual incense, give it a dose of holy water, or at least bless and magnetize it for financial abundance.

Your wallet, purse, or briefcase (tool bags, too) represent doorways to your financial stability.  Is the doorway broken?  Filthy?  How can you expect to receive more money if the primary carrier you drag with you everywhere is in poor condition or filled with dirt and clutter?

Next, arrange all your paper money in one direction, and be sure that when you hand money over for payment of any kind that the face of the bill is pointed toward you.  This is an old superstition that actually seems to work.  The thought is that although you are parting with the paper, you are not parting with the energy of wealth.  Seed your wallet or purse with a small packet of money herbs (cinquefoil, mint, sassafras, patchouli — just to name a few, with a bit of cinnamon and vervain to keep that money coming).  While you are at it, check all credit and bank cards for expiration dates, license and registration, too.  If you love carrying pictures, why not add a few new ones and remove those that are tattered and out of date?

While you’re at it, check out your keychain.  Do you have any old keys on there that might represent a part of your life that has long closed?  Remove all old keys and dispose of them.  Cleanse your keychain and add a prosperity and protective charm.

If you have been carrying any other charms in your purse or wallet, take them out, close your eyes, and emotionally feel the energy.  Perhaps they need to be cleansed and re-consecrated or require another ritual charge.  Or, maybe you’ve been thinking of creating a talisman or amulet to carry around and just haven’t had the time.  Stones such as smoky quartz, onyx, jet, and obsidian are great for warding.  Thursday and Friday the moon is in 4th quarter Scorpio — a great time for banishing, or making an exorcism charm.

Uh-oh, after all this you’re saying…I hate this old bag…and I don’t want to clean it.  Fine, get a new one as long as you get rid of THIS one (or one in your closet).  This month, for everything you bring in — you must take something out unless your life is super cluttered, then the rule would be:  For every one thing you bring in — you must take three things out.  Ha!

And you never know, you might luck out and find money you squirreled away in that hidden pocket, or discover that your favorite pair of earrings didn’t get lost — they were in the bottom of your purse all along!

My Release Diary: I began my Release Challenge this year seriously thinking about what I want to keep in my life and what I want to let go, what I’m forced to deal with given my own previous choices, what I have happily received this year given my  decisions, and what goals I’d like to accomplish by next year at this time.   Self review is never easy, so I prefaced this rake-myself-over-the-coals-with-a-glittering eye scenario with the Braucherei Morning Ritual I wrote about yesterday and a nice, strong cup of coffee.  I realized that all the things I’ve been procrastinating over have negative, emotional detritus attached to them, and if I want to move forward, I need to deal with those feelings and jettison them from my brain and my field once and for all.   My mantra for this year’s release program is:  I can do this.  Simple.  Straight forward.  No riders or prefaces.  I can do this.  I can.  I will.  Consider it done.

Today’s picture?  Oh, that!  Well.  It is a big lesson in life.  A private one that I debated on sharing, and then thought — you know — someone out there might learn something from it, too.  So, here goes.

This year my youngest son decided that for my Yule gift, he would renovate my bedroom.

No, you don’t understand.  This house is 200 years old.  My room has not been touched since 1909.  I am not kidding.  My son found the license plate in the wall to prove it.

Over the years I worked on various other rooms in the house; but, I always let mine go.  I sleep there.  Get up.  Close the door.  Don’t go back in there until I sleep there or change the sheets once a week.  It isn’t like I haven’t tried.  Twenty years ago I told a girl friend of mine about the state of the room, and how I wanted to fix it up; but, didn’t know how to repair the studs, plaster, or even remove the wallpaper.  She said, “Oh!  I can do that!  I’ll help you!  Show me!”

I took her to the bedroom.  She was silent, dead silent as her big eyes roved over the room.  She turned around, walked out, and said, “Sorry, not a chance.”

Yep.  That’s how bad it was.  And the plaster continued to buckle and make dust babies.

Then, two years ago, when I did my first, personal release challenge, I emptied the room save for the bed in hopes of actually fixing the sleeping hovel.  I began sanding the window frames and slapping spackle on the big, gaping holes.  Which fell back in the holes.  The room energy once again came to a dead stop.  Dad got sick.  We had to paint the trim on the outside of the house.  The economy went in the toilet, and hopes of a real bedroom went with it.

Momentarily, I met defeat.

Then, about a year ago, I got the bright idea while talking to Lady Sherry in Nevada that if I just did a teeny-weeny bit to that room every day or at least once a week, I just might be able to change that room, which I now felt had been fighting me tooth and nail (literally) for thirty years.  Lady Sherry and I joked about how I was going to peel just a bit of paper off that wall, and while I did it, I would visualize what I wanted the room to eventually look like.  We joked, but all jokes carry a thread of the serious.  So I actually did what we laughed about.  I peeled that wallpaper a little bit every day, and as I peeled it, I envisioned what I would like the room to become.  I said to myself, if I can just peel enough of this old crap away, there will be a tipping point, and this stuck energy will finally move along!  Every morning for eight months I have opened my eyes to a bigger and bigger patch of denuded wall.  Every morning I visualized what I would like the room to look like (eventually).  I figured that if I  just peeled a little bit of that damned wallpaper off that disintegrating horsehair plaster (I do not lie) each day or each week, that somehow, some way I could make that room change even though I didn’t possess the skill or money to do it.

In the spring and summer I had some false hope.  My area experienced a series of minor earthquakes.  It was my hope that the room would collapse (when I wasn’t in it) and then I might get a new room.  No such luck.  Those jerry-rigged studs combined with that nasty plaster and soiled, maroon floral paper held strong.  Bleck.

Then, a month ago, my youngest son said:  “You’ve done so many wonderful things for me.  I’m going to build you a new bedroom.”  And so, he is.  The fine layer of dust that I’ve cleaned five times already this week has once again settled throughout the house is a testament to this fact.

My point in telling you this personal story (because it is rather an embarrassment — that I’ve been sleeping in a room that even a slum lord wouldn’t touch for 30 years) is that no matter how long you have been dealing with something…any issue…you can change it, even if it means picking at it a little bit at a time.  Don’t listen to your own excuses — no time, no money, no skill — that’s just bullshit talk that will cripple you.  All you have to do is work toward that tipping point, and then it is all boom-sailing to the goal (or darned well close to it).  Nothing is ever too big.  No goal is ever too large.  Baby steps are better than no steps at all, even if all you do is peel a bitty piece of paper off a wall.  Eventually, the tide will change, and the wonderment of your dream will unfold.  Just keep your unfettered mind on the goal and your focus, in this case, on the wall.  Let this program be your tipping point to whatever it is you truly desire — let me, and those participating, help you get to where you want to go.  You can do it, I know you can!

In 29 days you really will be an awesome new you!

In service Silver

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