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Day 18 - Great Release Program

Day 18 - Great Release Program by Silver RavenWolf

4th Qtr Moon Moon moves into dynamic Scorpio until Sunday afternoon.  Take advantage of the transformative energy.  From today through tomorrow, the Moon is delightfully chattering with flourish, power, and energy!  Light a burgundy candle surrounded with cloves to attract good luck and prosperity.

Rita!  This one's for you!

Today's Challenge: Go through your underwear.  Throw out what is worn or doesn't fit.  Replace with new!  Have the family do theirs, too!  

How are you doing so far?  Just go with the flow.  Remember, all you have to really do is throw out or give away one thing.  The rest is cake!

Fix Me!  Clean Me!  One interesting issue that often occurs with this program is that circumstances insist you take care of something that you had no intention of touching in the cleaning/organizing department.  The task isn't on your list and it probably irritates you.  Someone else may have brought it to your attention, or maybe they need something buried deep within the closet and you just throw up your hands and decide to clean while your ferret out the item.  (I got stuck doing this yesterday.)  Maybe you are looking for something and find yourself creeping into the area where you think it is hiding, your guard up, your rattle at the ready... because you simply must retrieve...whatever... from deep within the denizens of dirt and clutter.

Regardless?  No worries.  When you put the program in motion...when you choose to change...when you focus on adjusting and creating...some things step forward and demand your attention immediately.  This occurs for either two reasons:

You are subconsciously AVOIDING the real issue and creating busy work for yourself...or...This needs to be done so that you can reach your goal -- even if that stupid closet is in no way associated with your think.  Well...maybe it is associated with a connection in your subconscious mind which isn't bothering to enlighten you.  It is in covert mode.  Therefore, just clean the darned closet and be done with it.

If you take care of this unexpected task?  25 gold stars!

The Three-Pass Technique --  Over the years I developed the Three Pass Technique because cleaning some things out, like closets or boxes of memorabilia, or even old clothes can be emotionally distressing.  In the Three Pass Technique, you go through the area once with the primary focus on the dirt and organization.  This is when you are taking things out of the box, or removing the clothes off hangers, or moving stuff off the shelf our out of the drawer, etc.  The cleaning part is the first-line challenge; however, if you see something that is absolutely broken, it goes out right away (or moth-eaten, or ruined by mouse droppings, yada...yuck.).  When you return the items to the shelf, box, drawer or closet -- that is pass number two.  You are looking at the object and holding it for the second time.  Ask yourself, does this object bring me love or can it be used in the next six months?  Here is where you make a concerted effort to throw out all items that are no longer serviceable or put those items in the giveaway pile.  If you have loads of stuff, then you may wish to make an "I'm going to sell it pile" -- however, I don't really recommend this as most people don't have the git-up-in-go to actually list the items or take them to a market, or whatever and so you just have a stupid pile of stuff to trip over all the time.  I despise piles of boxes in my way when I'm trying to walk because I've haven't sold the items yet.  Humbug!  I'm a thrower and a giver in most cases -- but, that's me.  If you are vacillating on the object or just have too much of an emotional attachment -- don't fret over it.  Put the item back in the box, on the shelf...whatever.  Pass Three is done about a week later, or whenever you have the occasion to get back into that drawer, box, shelf, etc.  Usually, Pass Three is done about a week later, or whenever you have the occasion to get back into that drawer, box, shelf, etc.  At Pass Three it is easier to get rid of more things.  Sometimes, by Pass Three, your subconscious mind has mulled over the item and found a use for it or a place for it to go, or a person to give it to.  Your conscious mind may have made arrangements for all those old video games, so now it is easy to pick up that box and take it where it needs to go.  I also use a Three Pass method in timing -- for example -- Pass One?  The Spring.  Pass Two?  MidSummer.  Pass Three?  The Fall and then I have most of the junk thrown out or have given away what still holds value.  The seasonal purge is excellent for closets and kitchen cabinets.

Summary — Possible Stars Today:  50 with Bonus!

Do the Morning Ritual – earn one gold star.

Practice the Rattle Bath – earn one gold star.

Mark what you accomplished on your Great Release Calendar.

Do one thing toward this week’s goal — small steps are just fine.  This is Day 4 of your 3rd goal.

Throw or give one thing away. — earn 1 gold star.

Today’ Challenge —  Underwear Day!  For every person in the house that you go through, neaten, or replace the underwear you earn 10 gold stars.

Take care of that unexpected task!  25 stars!

Practice the Silver Protocol.  How is this working for you?  Earn one star.

Do one Three-Minute Dash — earn one gold star.

Practice your Nightly Buzz-Through Review

Bonus!  Secret Challenge!  Use the 3-Pass Technique in this post to clear out one area -- can be anything from a small drawer to a huge closet.  Earn 10 stars.

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