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Day 14 - Mini Release Program

Greetings My Friends!

I've spent my morning zipping about, preparing for my coven's first online healing circle via video conferencing.  Many of my Black Forest folks have been doing this for a while.  I'm a little slow to join the program.  But, that's the cool thing about our current circumstances -- looking outside the cauldron and welcoming positive, uplifting solutions!  Just because one area of our lives may "appear" stagnant, doesn't mean everything goes full stop.  True, you may be feeling like your life car just hit a pile of dirty, stinky dinosaur bones on the railroad track of your destiny -- but, like everything else?  This will pass.  Those dinosaur bones?  They represent refusal to change and they are insisting that you finally do something about it -- as a people, as a tribe, as a family, and as yourself.

Here is the message I sent out via my FB pages today:  From Silver and the RavenWolf Hearthstone:  I would like to make this note.  If you become ill, it is really important to seek medical care.  It is also vital that no matter what you've been diagnosed with that you continue to communicate with family, friends, or loved ones long-distance at least once a day.  The virus does not reach out through your phone or the internet to infect others.  Let someone in your circle know you are sick so that they can check-in with you.  Make a pact that you will answer the phone at a specific time of day.   Don't like phone calls?  Text.  "I am good."  And, for pity sake, don't lie.

If you aren't sick (praise whatever runs the universe, right?) but, you know someone who is, don't forget to keep in contact through the phone or internet if you can.  Sometimes, a person with a lot of friends has so many that each thinks the other is doing something to help you, and in the end... no one is doing anything because they think someone else has said with confidence, "I got this."  Except, no one has anything. 

I also understand how lonely, unhappy, and stressed you might be right now. I would love to hug you and whisper with support, "This, too, shall pass," because I see strong, confident ancestors all around you, helping you through this time. In fact, I see a line of healers back to the beginning stepping forward, embracing humanity, pulsing with "the touch". But, that just doesn't cut it when you are sitting, staring out the window, with no one to talk to, right?

A vision.

Big deal!

Doesn't help how you are feeling. But...Here is a link to people who CAN help you. Here is a list of common crisis hotline numbers. Please be brave. Reach out for help.

This message will be sent out again tomorrow -- just to ensure that it is seen.  Sometimes social media rolls so fast, someone who needs the information misses it.

Today's Challenge -- Gratitude -- Collect 11 things from your living environment that represent your feelings of Gratitude -- What are you thankful for?  If your family is participating, be sure everyone has a chance to add something to the table.  The items will begin to energetically knit themselves together simply through the act of gratitude.  Arrange the items in a circle on the dining room table (or in the center of the home on a fire-safe surface).  Place a cauldron, candle, or electric candle in the center.  Whisper the things you are grateful for -- like a mantra.  Repeat some lines, change some lines, get yourself to that "zone" of pure peace.  It will take as long as it takes.  When you are finished, thank the "spirits of the objects" and the universe in general.  Leave the items in place for 24 hours then use your intuition on how to disassemble your gratitude pattern.  Often within that time period, answers to solutions, or things needed, quickly come to you.

Summary - Total possible stars 76

Throw or Give one Thing Away - 1 star Perform Today's Challenge -- Gratitude Altar - earn 25 stars Do one 3- minute Dash - earn 25 stars Share the Hotline Numbers with your friends and family -- earn 25 stars

Big Hugs!

Peace with the Gods Peace with Nature Peace Within


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