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Day 13 - Mini Release Program by Silver RavenWolf

This is Day 13 of Quarantine, and from the news reports, it looks like we're going to be in this for the long haul.  Don't worry, I'll hang in there with you!  If you are one of the gazillion negative Corvid-19 cases (which means you have the normal creeping crud), I feel for you and wish you a speedy recovery.  Get your blankie, your tissues, and think about how you are going to do all these fun challenges when you feel better.   One Braucherei technique that many of us use today when dealing with illness is super easy.  Even if it doesn't miraculously take away your illness (tongue-in-cheek-here), you certainly do feel a lot better after you perform the technique.  If you are sick, remember to open the back door every day and spit out the door, commanding the illness to leave you.  Really mean it.  Yell if you like!  When you are finished, slam the door (without breaking the glass).  Trust me, mentally, you feel so much better because you just told that dirty, rotten scumbag to get out of your body.  "And don't let the door hit ya!"

Today's Challenge!  Dark Corners!

The corners of our home's collect dirt, bits of trash, dead bugs, and other sundry nasties.   In folk magick, some believe that these dark places breed nightmares, bad luck, and sickness if they aren't aired out and "taken to light" at least once a season. 

And you always wondered the real reason for spring cleaning, right?

For this challenge, you will need a hand vacuum (or vacuum with a hose), an empty jar, at least half a cup of salt (or more -- I used 2 cups to keep my candle positioned safely in the jar), your cauldron, a piece of white paper, and a white candle.   If you don't have a vacuum, use a broom and brush the dirt onto a dustpan or piece of paper.   You may also want to take a spray cleaner and paper towels or cleaning rag with you.

The east corner of one's home is considered a place of good luck, so we want to begin there, and then move in a circular motion around the active living areas of the home.  These busy places would include the kitchen, living room, dining room, bedrooms, office, and any other spaces that see activity such as a screened-in back porch, basement game room, etc.

To begin, pour the white salt into a clean, open jar.  Bless the white candle and the salt.  I To get myself in the right mindset, I always begin:  "There is one Power, which is the God and the Goddess, which is perfect in truth, order, and mutual good."  From this statement, I call in whatever is needed for the working at hand.  I like to be honest, clear, and speak from the heart.  Too many words tend to confuse the issue since all energy is intelligent (can be manipulated) and the more factors you add, the less clear the intent.  For this working, I suggest that you light the candle asking that the positive spirits of the universe bless and protect your home -- may they bring good health, wisdom, and harmony, etc.  If you speak your spells from the heart, then they carry more power.  I always take a deep breath before I begin, settle my mind into my heart, and then work from this combined force.

Move around the house with the white candle, exposing all the dark corners with the light.  You can just do the four corners of each room, or you can hold the light to other dark corners, for example, where a free-standing closet creates its own dimly lit area due to its positioning in the room.  As you visit each corner, clean it, collect the dirt, sprinkle a bit of salt, and bless the area.  

When you are finished, scrape some of the dirt you collected onto a piece of paper.  Roll the paper away from you.  Burn the paper in your cauldron, reciting the Evil Be Gone chant (Evil be gone, do not return, the horse has run off, and the bridges are burned!), or other favorite banishing chant.

Dump the cold ashes in the outside trash along with the contents of the vacuum cleaner.


Give or throw one thing away -- earn 1 star Complete today's Dark Corner Challenge! -- earn 50 stars Do 5 Three-Minute Dashes -- earn 25 stars Big Hugs

Peace with the Gods Peace with Nature Peace Within


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