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Day 11 Great Release Challenge — Kitchen Killer!

Day 11 of the Great Release Challenge

Did You Know That A Deadly Killer May Lurk in your Refrigerator?

Day Eleven — 2011 Great Release Challenge! Sunday, 11 December by Silver RavenWolf

Ring the bell!  Eleven is a super magickal number!  It is one of the self-mastery numbers, and once you hit this one?  Its super spirituality all the way!

Your Mission Today — 

For the Busy Person — The refrigerator.

For the Dedicated Enthusiast — The refrigerator!

Did you know that the reason why most apartment owners don’t offer refrigerators on their included appliance lists?  It is because they are a breeding ground for all sorts of gook, slime, and deadly…yes deadly…germs!

Having a filthy refrigerator squatting in your kitchen, is like inviting a mass murderer in for tea.

Ring that bell when you’re done!

Remember, if you have already enthusiastically done the challenge earlier in the program (just because you were so energized) or right before the challenge — just double-check the area to your satisfaction, then choose something different to do.  Be creative!  Go with the flow!

Gold Star Meditation For Today —

If you complete this challenge — you earn another gold star!  As this is the eleventh day — you get to choose what correspondence you desire to go with this star, and where on your aura you will place it.  Congratulations!

Remember that list you made on the first day?  Keep it handy, we’ll be working with it soon.

Release Program Diary

Today’s challenge prose is short and sweet.  Since it is a weekend, you’re busy with lots to do, including that deadly refrigerator!  I spent all of last evening into the early morning hours brewing dragon’s blood wax melts and candles.  Yesterday, I washed most of the curtains in the house and filled another two trash bags in the basement (I have yet to carry them up).  Every time I finished a task — I rang the bell!  Washing the curtains means I found more cobwebs (oh, Glory) and of course, if you wash the curtains, you wash the windows ….so, I did that, too…okay, some of them.  There were rooms I just didn’t have time to get to.

I will persevere!

Peace with the Gods Peace with Nature Peace Within So Be It!

For Tomorrow:  The Clothes Closet.

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