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The Joy of Candles! #silverravenwolf

Spell Candle Company

I started pouring magickal spell candles in June of 2002 -- over fifteen years ago! At the time, I wanted to infuse the candles from the moment of their birth with a variety of pagan, spiritual practices (chanting, musical bowl sounds, tuning forks, magick oils I formulated, herbals I raised, gemstone chips, etc.). I believed that the more spiritual the environment during the melting and pouring of the wax, the cleaner my enchanted work would be. At the time, you could still purchase paraffin wax in bead form, which made measuring and melting much easier. For several years, I sold those candles on eBay. Unfortunately, the supplier of the beaded wax stopped shipping to the US, and I was stuck breaking large slabs of wax on my back porch with a hammer.


I looked at other alternatives and even worked with palm wax for awhile. Finally, I ventured into soy territory and never went back!. Once I worked with soy formulas I was hooked -- I loved the fragrant scent throw, the creamy colors, the plant based component, and even better, the ease of creation. The only drawback? Soy needs a housing of some sort to burn well. No container? The wax tunnels and blobs everywhere!

For a few years I sold my candles on Etsy and then two things happened about the same time -- the soy wax supplier pulled the wax I was using, claiming they were making a new formula that wasn't currently available, and through the encouragement of my friends and family, I began writing again.

It was time.

Each month I checked to see if the promised wax was ready -- the due date passing without the release, so in the interim, I completed two books for Llewellyn World Wide and kept myself busy with a variety of projects. The third book, Whisper Magick, is almost completed. I spent the summer of 2017 building a stone shrine and a large brick and stone ritual circle in my backyard, and expanded my garden with additional magickal herbs to add to my candles when and if I decided to pour them again.

I also began (and continue to practice) Vinyasa Yoga.

Not bad for a 61-year-old Witchy-broad.

Once the Samhain season pleasantly closed and the Thanksgiving turkey only a memory of frozen leftovers, I learned that the new wax had finally been released. I bought a small bag and ran a few tests -- eager to pour my own candles once again. I wasn't disappointed!

This past week I launched many of my customer favorite tea candles, and there will be more to come. I enjoy creating a product that is birthed in the energy of enchantment and sweet sound. I hope you do, too!

Currently, there are 28 returning tea candle offerings familiar to my Etsy customers and 4 new scents:

Nag Champa -- a spiritual blend for meditation, yoga, and healing work.

SugarMaple -- a yummy attraction formula perfect for holiday magicks.

These will remain available in the store. Plus...

Wassail Family Happiness (Red) Holiday Good Fortune (Green)

that will be available only through December 19th.

This new wax carries a nice scent load. The tea candles burn for approximately 2 hours with a nice, steady flame. I'm sure you will be pleased with these lovely little wax gems!

Visit my store at:

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