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Harvest Full Moon

Thursday -- 5 October -- Harvest Moon! Moon in Aries and Sun in Libra – the combination of Fire and Air – certainly a “whooooosh!” of power! 2:40 PM EDT/11:40 AM PDT exact. Strong vibrations undulate among us, plucking connections and activating the combined power of mind, body, soul – each individual has the choice to use (or not) this vital energy. Venus conjunct Mars on Thursday ups the attraction factor and love magicks can hit a satisfying intensity! Creativity, compassion, and attraction feed 3 October through 5 October. Enjoy! Energy can be funneled into compromise, creativity, balance and artistic passions. Shift and blend could be your personal theme. Don’t get lost in aimless debate as it serves nothing and impedes your progress. Find the sweet spot of your talent and use that as your tipping point for personal success. Harvest Full Moon 2017 provides so much amazing opportunity for personal success magicks! You can do this!

New this week in our Whisper Magick store are Dream Bat sachets for stress relief and dream enchantments. Take a peek, if you like!

We also received the our supplies for Hecate's Magick Powder -- this musky, fragrant oil and powder combo are perfect for your upcoming Samhain season!

Many delightful Harvest Moon blessings to you! Silver

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