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Spirit in the Cloth! Oppit -- Dreaming Dolls

Spirit in the Cloth – the Oppit!

By Silver RavenWolf

The High Holy Days always bring a burst of creativity that can be accessed to enhance your life in positive ways. For months I have been wrestling with developing a new type of spirit doll construction. On Lammas – it all came together.


The Oppit!

The Oppit is a flat spirit doll/animal meant to carry prayers or requests to what you believe runs the Universe, and bring back that which you most desire. I call these Oppits – Dreaming Dolls.

Here is my first Oppit – Dreaming Doll. As Halloween/Samhain is my most favorite holiday, my initial Dreaming Doll focus centered on contacting “Good Spirits”. She is a doll of honor as well as a Mother of the Dead (so-to-speak).

My Oppits are constructed of pieced cotton cloth, heavy stabilizer, and black felt. Sandwiched in the layers is my “Come Alive” sigil, sprinkled with Talking Head Powder and magickal oil – placed in a tiny plastic baggie.

Every Oppit is different. Some will have jewelry, beads, or natural objects. Each Oppit comes with his/her own conjuring bag and a small amount of magickal powder that relates to her theme. Every Oppit will have his/her own birth certificate for you to color and fill in. I leave the naming of your Oppit up to you. A male Oppit design is currently on my design table.

Your Oppit can hang on the wall over your altar, affix her to your magickal belt, place her on any flat surface as a candle mat (although I would be careful you don’t drip wax on her because she can only be hand washed – she might fray), or even use her as a bookmark for your BOS. She can also be used to decorate your staff. This Goddess Oppit is 8 inches wide and 11 inches in length (not including ribbons or tulle).

In the coming months I will be using my new cloth sandwich design to make totem and spirit animals. Here is a sneak peak of my Shark Oppit.

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