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Love Spell!

Check it out! Taco Cat is brewing up an amazing Love Spell using Silver's Cleopatra Chime Candle formula. I guess he's tired of being lonely -- although Taco Cat and Silver are best buds -- that's as far as it goes!

So Taco Cat sat down last night and wrote out two lists. The first paper was all about Taco Cat! What his best attributes are and what he wants to change in himself. This list also contains what activities and interests he might like to do. For example, Taco Cat would like to go to the beach this summer and he would love to learn to shoot a bow and arrow.

The second list contains all the positive attributes he is looking for in a new friend (mate -- whatever).

Once he has both lists? He draws a heart on the back of each paper, and then rolls the papers together making a little tube. Holding the bottom of the tube shut, he spits in the tube and adds a little Precipitate Powder (or love drawing herbal blend of your choice) and burns the paper tube until it is nothing but ash. Then, he rubs those ashes on his Cleopatra Chime candles -- and burns one each day for 7 days, whispering a simple chant such as, "Joy and Love Come To Me, As I will so mote it be!" 9 times. If you don't have our Cleopatra Chime Candles you can use red or pink candles of your choice. Looking to turn up the fire? Surround your candles with hot peppers and rose petals!

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