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2017 Release Week! Intro

2017 Release Week!  A Magickal Program for Life Improvement – Free!



Release Week Begins Friday the 13th!  Release Week is a 7-day magickal program designed to bring you closer to the AWESOME that is totally you!  You see — all magick, in essence, is a form of release!    For this dynamic, one-week program…all you have to do?  Release/let go of one physical thing every day.  All the other ideas in the program are cake – you can do them if you like…or not… just be sure you release that one physical object each day.  You can either throw that item out or give it away – the main point is to– Let Go! Of one thing each day.

This year I planned Release Week to coincide with a third quarter moon – a good time to shake off the negative!  Join me for this free program!  Don’t forget…

Release Week – begins on Friday 13 January!

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