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Unlocking the Secrets of Sleep Magic and Intuitive Dreaming: Harness Your Personal Power with Nightly Enchantments!

by Silver RavenWolf 2024

In the subconscious realm lies a powerful reservoir of untapped potential awaiting exploration through Sleep Magick. Imagine a world where the boundaries between dreams and reality blur, where the sleeping mind becomes a conduit for personal transformation and empowerment. In this article, I share with you some of my personal practices and techniques as I embraced my own journey to unlock the secrets of Sleep Magick and harness the immense power nestled within my dreams.  Join me as I present fifteen different ideas related to magickal practices that can assist in uncovering the keys to harnessing your personal power while dreaming.


Your Sacred Environment is just as much a part of our magicks as our intentions, tools, or spoken word.  To encourage sleep-related magicks – intuitive dreaming, creative vision questing, or restful sleep take some time to luxuriate in preparing your sleep area. In most magickal applications we set up our altar, prepare the room or outdoor area, and place meaningful decorations where we feel they will most benefit our working. The average person spends 1/3 of their life sleeping!  Why not explore some enchanting ways to give power to your rest!  Whether looking for a general routine or preparing for a particular magickal practice, here are a few ideas to set the stage for success!


Your Enchanted Setting -- Choosing the theme and ambiance of your sleeping environment where you spend a large portion of your life is okay! Use the Moon in Virgo to organize and declutter your room.  Ensure your bedding is comfortable and that you can easily regulate the temperature. Some practitioners believe that a messy room grabs and holds negativity that can permeate your restful sleep and open the way for nightmares or illness. There is the belief that clutter, uneaten open and old food, or stacks of junk give power to the spirits of sickness.  When the moon is in Capricorn, move the furniture to where it “feels” right.  You can also research Feng Shui placement the bedroom for ideas that may appeal to you.


I've found sleep much more restful if I perform a complete room cleansing that includes selected incenses, sage, holy water, bells and rattles at least once a week. Make a DreamCatcher Jar – a spell vehicle designed to catch negative energies and allow only pleasant dreams to fill the room.

You can make it with or without water.  The jar that includes water will last about 3 days.  The jar without water can last 7 days, depending on the condition of the herbals used. 

Fresh herbs won’t last as long as those that are dried.  The jar with the water is perfect if you are having nightmares.  Boil water and allow to cool. Dissolve ¼ to ½ teaspoon of salt in the water. Place a mirror at the bottom of a mason jar, shiny side up. Stuff the jar with lemon slices, bay leaves, rue, mugwort, and lavender. Add amethyst chips or tumbled amethyst and smoky quartz stones. Pour water into the jar, leaving about ½ inch from the mouth. Keep the jar uncapped and place it by your bedside to "drown" haint, ghosts, and astral prowlers while you sleep. Replace as needed.  

You can also boil the entire mixture down to ½ cup of liquid.  When cool, dispose of herbals, and bottle the liquid.  Mark the bottle.  Refrigerate.  Use as a “wash” to dress tools, amulets, talismans, etc. that relate to sweet dreams and night protection.  Do not ingest.


If you don’t want to use a jar for your anti-nightmare formula, you can artfully arrange the herbs and mirror on a clear plate and set beside your bed providing you don’t have pets that will eat it! 

The Dream Catcher Jar works well for general use, too.  For example, if there has been a great deal of family upset (sickness, arguments, sudden changes), you can make the jar and place it on your general altar or at a prominent place in the center of the home.  Guests can drag in all manner of strange energies, particularly if their home life overflows with negative people or several stress-related events.  Don’t feel guilty if you want to do a cleansing immediately after they leave, or even during their stay. 


Trotterhead Amulet -- If I have a nightmare, I contemplate any changes in my routine or diet or if a guest is staying in the house and what impact that may have on my energy field. Then, I strip the bed, wash everything, and perform a room cleansing. Add amulets, talismans, or other protective objects to the décor, particularly if you have unsettling dreams. I created my Trotterhead (Nightmare) Amulet– a combination of words, sigils, and my art to send away evil. This Braucherei Charm has been part of my magickal toolkit for over thirty years. 


TrotterHead, I forbid thee my house and premises; I forbid thee my car, truck, stable, garage, and all premises I own, rent, or whereupon I lay my head; I forbid thee my bedstead that though mayest not breathe upon me; breathe into some other abode of the unliving, until thou hast ascended every hill, until thou hast counted every fencepost, every blade of grass, every star in the heavens, and every grain of sand, and until thou hast crossed every water on this planet and any other heavenly body.  Thou may never again come into my house, premises, or business so sayeth I!  And it is so! 


Through my experience with Braucherie I've learned that each sickness has its own energy pattern that some people (particularly children) see as a human creature of a sort. I put it this way because it looks human but...isn't, and can have horns, tentacles, etc., depending upon the mind of the viewer and how the vision manifests to them. If you can see it in your mind? You can destroy it in meditation, during hypnosis, or in dreamtime. I've used the Trotterhead charm for this purpose as well in the past.

Temperature, Light, and Noise -- For sleeping, a cooler room is recommended. Try to minimize any distracting noises. If other people in the household are keeping you awake, work on solutions to cut down on the sounds or interruptions.  It is okay to change your sleep experience!  I sleep so much better now that I lowered the thermostat significantly and hung blackout curtains on my windows. I also invested in earplugs because my bedroom is right beside the family bathroom and the comings and goings in the middle of the night constantly woke me up.  For more years than I'm comfortable counting I wrote in my bedroom in an effort to limit distractions in my work. Finally, I removed all extraneous electronics and stopped working in my bedroom, relishing with amazement the positive changes in my sleeping pattern.


Your Clothing – Choose breathable cotton, not too loose or tight. Consider the color and the intent of your magicks.  Messages from your guides? Wear white or purple. Healing from your Guardian Angel or the Angelic Host? Silver, white, or pink. Intuitive dreaming? Blue or Purple. Make sure your clothing isn't constrictive in any way, as some believe that constrictive garments can inhibit the flow of your energy, which can bleed over into the physical and negatively impact your daily life. From a magickal perspective, try not to wear your street clothes to bed. Yes, I know you are tired. Yes, I know that changing clothes is a pain. But, some practitioners believe (me included) that your clothing gathers everything about your day – your feelings, other people's emotions, environmental dirt, etc. Going to bed in these clothes is like curling up for your nighty-night in an overflowing trash can. Conversely, wearing your night clothes during the day is much the same – they carry your dreams, sweat, and emotions upon falling asleep. Productive sleep helps our minds sort, organize, and deal with the day's stresses.  


You may wish to shop for sleep attire during a Cancer moon, opting for soft, cozy sleepwear that provides a sense of security and comfort. Look for pajamas or nightgowns made from gentle, breathable cotton or silk in soothing colors like white, light blue, or silver. Consider adding a sentimental or nostalgic flair, such as sleepwear with a subtle floral pattern or a design that reminds you of fond memories. The goal is to create a cozy, nurturing sleep environment that promotes relaxation and emotional well-being.


Candlelight: During your preparation, place your choice of candles or our Dream Queen Tea Candles around your space. The gentle candlelight and soothing aroma can create a serene ambiance and signal your mind that it's time to relax. Make sure to follow fire-safe procedures and do not leave candles burning while you sleep.  In dream, magicks use candlelight as a precursor to the real work of dreaming.

Sip Herbal Tea: If you enjoy herbal tea, brew chamomile or lavender tea using blessed water to sip when preparing for meditation, ritual, or spellwork.  Valerian and mugwort teas are also available; however, be sure to follow your physicians’ recommendations when drinking any type of tea.  The warm and soothing beverage can help further relax your body and mind. Some believe that different types of herbal teas can enhance intuitive dreaming.  Experiment carefully as reactions to various herbs differ. 

 Bedtime Stretching or Yoga: Incorporate gentle stretching or restorative yoga poses into your pre-ritual planning to release any remaining tension in your muscles. Focus on slow and mindful movements, paying attention to how your body feels with each stretch.  Even chair yoga can be most effective and less taxing on the body before sleep.

 Journaling: If you find it helpful, you can also spend a few minutes journaling about your day or jotting down any thoughts or worries. Writing, doodling, and drawing can be therapeutic ways to release negative or stuck emotions and clear your mental space before general rest or intuitive dreaming.  Use stick figures and humor in your journal to help work through particularly unpleasant or unsettling events.


Mindful Meditation or Deep Breathing: Sit comfortably or lie down and begin a short meditation or deep breathing exercise. Focus on your nostrils as your breath moves gently in and out of your body, allowing tension, worry, or stress to melt away with each breath.  Create a sacred space or special visualization to help you drift into peaceful sleep.  I have a dream boat filled with scrumptious pillows.  In my mind I watch the boat dock in the twilight, soft light glitters off the water, and the Guide of Dreams beacons me aboard, handing me a sweet-smelling blanket.  Usually, in moments, I fall asleep.


Dream Pillows and Sachets – are a wonderful addition to your magickal work.  You can make your own, or purchase one.  Our Dream Queen herbal sachet includes the calming scents of lavender, peppermint, eucalyptus, rose petals, chamomile, mugwort, and hops.  Let the herbs envelop you as you drift off to sleep. Take a moment to inhale the soothing aroma of the herbal sachet. Close your eyes and breathe deeply.  Change your sachet regularly, especially if you have added petitions to the sachet.   I burn the sachets after several uses, letting the aromatic smoke guide my prayers to the universe.


Visualize Peaceful Imagery When Employing Sleep Magicks: As you breathe deeply, visualize yourself in a peaceful and serene environment. It could be a tranquil garden, a cozy cabin in the woods, or any place you feel safe and relaxed.  If you have trouble “getting there” imagine you are riding or walking with your favorite totem animal.  They will often easily guide you where you need to go.  Just as I created a dream boat for general rest as I mentioned previously, I have also designed a beautiful garden that I visit when I need solutions.  I speak to the caretaker sometimes to work things out in my mind.  When I’m ill, I visit a special magick circle in the dream woods.  Let your imagination go!


Create a Dream Doll:  Dolls, statues, stuffed animals, can be used as protective vehicles while you sleep.  Design your own, or purchase an image that pleases you.  Empower a conjure bag filled with protective herbs, amethyst, smokey quartz, and crystal gemstones, and a protective dream sigil of your choice.  Runes are perfect for this type of magick.  Include your name and birthdate along with a lock of your hair.  Place the bag in the doll or animal (it is okay to open the toy and then reclose it) or pin the bag to the outside of the image.  I’ve also used wooden peg dolls, painting them with the Anti-Nightmare Wash and runes specific to protection and restful sleep.  (Algiz and Laguz – Ansuz is also a good choice to make way for wisdom). 

There is no end to your creativity in the construction and conjuration of your sweet sleep totems!  For example, I painted my Dream Bunny with soothing lavender acrylic mixed with lavender essential oils, glued amethyst gemstone near the ears, and added tulle to “catch” any negativity.


Writing Your Sleep Intention – Whether you choose a general statement (I experience peaceful, restful and healing sleep protected by divinity and connected to the wisdom of my higher self) or fishing the universal waters for a solution to a problem, using the moon in the signs can be helpful. Add your birthdate and draw the planetary symbol of the moon sign on your intention paper.  To create a magickal sigil for your intention, draw a circle, place the moon sign glyph in the center and your intention.  Around the circle, write your name as many times as it will fit on the circle.  Rub a bit of your saliva in the center of the paper, or softly blow on it three times, then seal with an equal-armed cross drawn in the air over the circle.  Working on your intention with this type of practice, helps you to emotionally charge the field of potential around you to vibrate in tune with your desire.  Add other glyphs and runes that support your work if you like.  Why not use all the tools available to you, right?


Aries Moon: Focus on initiating new projects, banishing curses and unwanted energies, courage, leadership skills, closing wounds and healing infections, asserting individuality, and acting towards your goals.  Some practitioners like to use white paper and red ink.  Planetary Symbol: Mars


Taurus Moon: Set intentions for stability and financial security, safety matters, protection, cooking skills, healing a broken heart, friendship matters, harmony within the self, wealth, physical and mental comfort, cultivate patience, and indulge in self-care practices.  Planetary Symbol:  Venus


Gemini Moon: Intentions can revolve around communication, learning new skills, the movement and free flow of money, clarity, hidden resources, healing children, transportation issues, writing, publishing, networking, and fostering curiosity.  Planetary Symbol:  Mercury


Cancer Moon: Set intentions to nurture yourself and others, create a cozy home environment, enhance personal security, work on family matters, healing women and children, mediumship and empathic energies, learning new things, growth, and strengthen emotional bonds. Planetary Symbol:  The Moon


Leo Moon: Focus on self-expression, creativity, self-reliance, joy, winning, creative intelligence, recreational activities, ritual, loyalty, dating, children, theatre, general success, initiative, making a good decision, leadership abilities, boosting confidence, and pursuing activities that bring you joy.  Planetary Symbol:  The Sun


Virgo Moon: Intentions involve organizing your life, weight health, adaptability, herbal magick, perception, self-expression, dexterity, empowering magickal dolls, statues, or image objects, planning, discernment abilities, the truth of the matter, improving health habits, focusing on details, and offering service to others.  Planetary Symbol:  Mercury


Libra Moon: Set intentions around creating harmony in relationships, beauty, tolerance, diplomacy, partnerships and agreements, art, innovation, freedom, equality, luxury, promoting fairness and justice, and enhancing your aesthetic sense.  Planetary Symbol:  Venus


Scorpio Moon: Focus on transformation, deep emotional healing, secrets, crisis skills, determining motive, investigative and truth-seeking skills, eliminating debt, working on stage presence, magick in general, security, empowerment, forgiveness, banishing baggage, exploring your inner desires, and strengthening your intuition.  Planetary Symbols:  Mars and Pluto


Sagittarius Moon: Intentions can revolve around expanding your horizons, learning, traveling, good luck, working with mentors, finding answers, seeking adventure, pursuing higher knowledge, finding a shortcut, justice, confidence, winning court proceedings, intuition, growth and expansion, freedom, fast cash, overcoming excess, embracing self-honesty and optimism.  Planetary Symbol:  Jupiter


Capricorn Moon: Set intentions related to long-term goals, reputation, personal strength, PR and marketing, strategy, building structures, sound decisions, concentration, creating personal guidelines, goal setting, embracing patience, taking responsibility, influencing authority figures, and enhancing your professional life.  Planetary Symbol:  Saturn


Aquarius Moon: Focus on innovation, embracing uniqueness, working with astrology, creating charms, innovative ideas, technology-related issues, freedom, clarity, new ideas, group influence, fostering community connections, and advocating for social causes.  Planetary Symbol:  Saturn and Uranus 


Pisces Moon: Intentions might involve tapping into your intuition, designing toys and miniatures, deep understanding, dream magick, dream journaling psychic pursuits, inner happiness, spiritual healing, looking at the big picture, good timing, universal love, mystical work, general spirituality, purification, practicing compassion and empathy, engaging in creative endeavors, meditation, peaceful sleep, finding the right time, and seeking spiritual connection to all things (nature, animals, people, etc.).  Planetary Symbols:  Jupiter and Neptune


Express Gratitude: Once you have completed any magicks, take a moment to express gratitude for the day and everything you have in your life. Reflect on moments of joy and contentment, cultivating a sense of appreciation and peace.


By incorporating these ideas into your pre-ritual or general sleep preparation, you can orchestrate a bedtime routine that helps calm your mind, relax your body, and ready you for safe and wonderful sleep experiences. Feel free to customize these ideas to suit your preferences and needs, adding or omitting elements as desired. I went from insomnia to empowering dreamtime -- I hope you do the same.

In Service

Silver RavenWolf

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