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Silver RavenWolf – Day 12 – Saturday – 12 December 2015 – Great Release Chal


2015 Great Release Program Day 12 – December 12 2015 by Silver RavenWolf

Every day you must throw or give something away!

Saturday First Quarter Moon in Capricorn (Beginnings!)

Ideal Planetary Hour for Magick — Saturn Hour for Capricorn Energy – Saturn Hour for the Ruler of the Day

This Week’s Theme:  Peace in the Moment

The Foundation —  Begin your day with the Braucherei Morning cleansing and empowerment exercise (please view first post of the program ).

This Week’s Theme — Peace in the Moment

This week we are going to practice Peace in the Moment — where each day you will pause for at least fifteen seconds (more if you can) filling your mind with white light and breathing deeply.  Hold that white light as long as you can — when a thought crosses your mind…any thought…the exercise is completed.  There is no wrong way to do this — white light…hold…hold…hold (remember to breathe deeply)…you’re done. If you like, continue to use the Peace Prayer in your daily activities (located in Day 2 of the program).  When you have finished with this week’s theme exercise, move on to today’s fun activities!

Today’s Magickal Challenge

Five Rays of Joy!  Today’s magickal challenge is to devise five magickal actions that you will do each morning as soon as you wake up.  We choose the number 5 because it best denotes change.  Your five steps should include:

  1.  Deep Breathing

  2. A FIRST thought that is positive in nature — upon opening your eyes — this is the thought you will hold for 30 seconds.

  3. Five body exercise movements — stretches, sit-ups, toe touches — whatever!  You choose.  Just five.

  4. A visualization of success.  Think about it.  Choose one that you will use each morning.

  5. Verbal success mantra.  Can be anything — you are the boss.

From now to the end of the program, you will use your Five Rays of Joy each and every morning as soon as you wake up.

The second part of today’s Magickal Challenge is to study the Beorc/Birca/Berkana rune below and consider how you can use it in your workings today — whether they be magickal or mundane.


Today’s Physical Challenge 

Ahhhhh, yes, it is toilet day.  Clean all toilets, showers, and tubs.  Try to make it as magickal as possible.  For example, you can banish anything by writing the problem on toilet paper and flushing it down the loo.

Today’s Summary

Practice the Peace in the Moment Exercise.

Repeat the Peace Prayer and practice the Star Throw Blessing if you like.

Develop your personal Five Rays of Joy wake-up program.

Study and use the Beorc/Berkana/Birca Rune

Clean the toilets and shower/bathtub.

                    Throw or give one thing away (most important task)

Don’t forget to add the coins to your Joy Jar!

Peace with the Gods Peace with Nature Peace Within

Sleep Well and see you tomorrow!


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