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New Moon in Gemini 2024 - Magickal Ideas for June

Whoot!  It’s on its way!  Can you feel the power building?  The new moon in Gemini on June 6, 2024, heralds a time of fresh beginnings and intellectual curiosity, amplified by the rare celestial event of a parade of planets. This cosmic alignment, featuring Uranus, Jupiter, Mercury, Venus, and the Sun, creates a spectacular display that is believed to bring heightened opportunities and good fortune. The harmonious energy of Gemini encourages communication, learning, and adaptability, making it an ideal moment for setting new intentions and embracing change. The synergy between the new moon's promise of renewal and the parade of planets' auspicious influence creates a potent period for manifesting goals and experiencing breakthroughs in personal and professional endeavors. It's not just a time to embrace change but to dance out of your comfort zone and to welcome new challenges with open arms, inspiring personal growth and transformation.

Here are some delightful and magickal ideas for not only celebrating this New Moon in Gemini, but also for providing vibrant activities that promise a super summer experience filled with joy and fun!


Begin a new journal or dedicate special pages in your BOS to set your intentions for the next six months.  Reflect on your communication habits and set goals to improve your interactions with others through the art of the written word.  Or, turn that blah journal into a colorful, pudgy scrapbook stuffed with photos and ephemera! Consider taking a writing course or jumping into a new writing experience, such as investigating how to create your own blog, how to write poetry, or learning short story writing.  Today’s public is interested in short bursts of information.  Why not investigate how to pack as much information into one paragraph as possible to get your message across?  What about learning to create your own videos? These activities not only promote personal growth but also foster deeper connections with others.


Consider hosting social gatherings throughout June.  You could orchestrate small virtual meet-ups with friends or family or plan to meet at a favorite coffee shop where you can share new ideas or reconnect.  Consider hosting a dinner party with a Gemini theme.  Decorate with celestial motifs and serve light and airy foods like salads and finger foods.  Encourage lively conversation with word games among your guests.  Why not create an arts night?  Gather magickal friends for a night of creativity.  Provide supplies for painting, drawing, or crafting.  Let the Gemini energy inspire your artistic expression!  And don't forget Game Night!  Choose fun and lively games to keep friends or family on their mental toes!  My favorite is hosting a Bardic Circle where everyone brings something to share, such as music, a poem, a painting, a spell, a sewing project, a ritual, or a short story. Have a 10-minute cut-off so everyone has plenty of time to share and have meaningful conversations about everyone's offering. You would be surprised at the amazing and wonderful ideas and projects that people bring.


This is a great time for a Tech Detox.  Take a break from digital devices and spend quality time with loved ones.  Engage in face to face conversations without the distraction of all those mind-sucking devices! Use this time to reconnect with yourself and others, and to be fully present in the moment.


Explore Local Culture. Visit a museum, art gallery, or historical site. Immerse yourself in new experiences and learn about your community.  Embrace doing the new and different!  Why not Google "historical sites near me" on your phone?  I bet there are several you never even heard of!

Host a book club reading or session. Organize a book club meeting or dedicate some time to read a new book, especially one that stimulates your mind and curiosity. Not only will you be offered the enjoyment of the company of good folks, but you'll also learn something new! Everyone has a unique perception!


And speaking of…Learn Something New. Start an online course or attend a workshop on a subject that intrigues you.  This could be anything from a new language to a creative skill.  You may choose to brush up on something you already know but are looking for additional information, new techniques, or someone else's take on the subject.  Or maybe you want to learn how to create fun social events like that Bardic Circle I told you about earlier!  Can't afford formal classes?  Today's internet provides loads of accessible venues.  You can learn something exciting every day!


Genealogy.  Yours!  Get into it!  With today's marvelous internet tools, you can delve into your family history and become the family historian in no time!  Your ancestors will be more than eager to guide you in this journey.  No kidding!  Trust me on this one.  If you want a truly honorable and magickal activity this summer?  Go Ancestor Hunting, a practice of researching and discovering your family's lineage and history.


These activities are designed to harness the energy of the Gemini new moon, promoting growth in communication, learning, and connection with others.  And just for fun, I've created a working that everyone in your family can do! 

The Amazing Me Spell, a self-empowerment artistic rite, is a great way to align with the new moon's energy and boost your confidence and self-esteem.

What will I be doing this New Moon?  Along with some of my own suggestions above, I'll be blending a Parade of Planets Ritual Magickal Oil early in the morning to catch those good fortune vibes! This oil, made with specific herbs and oils associated with each planet in the parade, is designed to enhance your connection with celestial vibrations and attract positive outcomes in your life.  Available at my store.  Use Promo Code: paradeofplanets for a 10% discount on this product at checkout.

I’ll also be working on a special personal project.  I’m just about finished and am excited to enter a new publishing venue!  So stay tuned for exciting news!


I hope you enjoy my Gemini New Moon suggestions!  Have a marvelous, wonderful New Gemini Moon Day!

In Service

Silver RavenWolf


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