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How to Make Enchanted Fire Starters for Outdoor Cauldron or Bonfire by Silver RavenWolf #firestarter

My magickal family and I do a lot of outdoor work here at the RavenWolf hearthstone, which includes crafting, rituals, meditation, and spellcasting.  Sometimes we use the circle bonfire area and in other instances, we have a cauldron centered on a picnic table as our focus.  This winter we enjoyed mild temperatures with plenty of good weather to collect dried sticks and tinder for our fire work.  To add to the enchantment, I've been making aromatic fire starters from collected from nature and recycled materials nestled in soy wax.

Sticks gathered from the forest floor and herb stalks and roots pulled from last year's garden make wonderful additions to your firestarters. I also use the paper towels that were a part of candle pouring cleanup. This way, there is no waste.

You can make your own enchanted firestarters with just a few supplies.  Here is what I used, however, feel free to change anything to match your needs:

Cupcake papers (you can also use Dixie cups, but they don't look as nice) Soy Wax -- I used Cargill C-3 Nature - 1 pound made 8 firestarters. Wicks -- I used Eco 14 (however, you don't need the wick, they just make the fire starter a bit easier to handle) Herbals to match your intent I also add 3 drops of matching liquid fluid condenser to each firestarter (see my book The Witching Hour for instructions -- you can also purchase liquid fluid condenser from my online shoppe).

Cupcake Pan - for stability Fragrance Indelible Marker - if you want to put sigils on the bottom of your firestarter

I also added heart and shamrock embeds made of dyed paraffin wax

Soy wax can be safely melted in the microwave in a Pyrex container in 2 to 3 minute increments (follow instructions from manufacturer). You can also use a double-boiler. Never melt wax in a single pot on the stove as you risk fire/explosion from the gases.

Before pouring, you can draw sigils with an indelible marker on the paper cupcake cups, or you can wait until they are cool to add your intent.

Once you have melted the wax, add fragrance if you desire.  Follow manufacturer's instructions for fragrance load.  Next, I add the dried wax-soaked paper towels in the center of each cupcake paper.  You can also use about 1 to 1/2 inch of sawdust instead of wax-soaked paper towels.  You can usually get a free bag from a lumber yard.  Add any small bits of sticks that you have gathered from the woods.

Pour the wax into the cupcake paper.  I pour wax as close to the lip as possible.  Wait a few minutes until the wax begins to skim (just a bit) on top.  This is so your herbals don't sink.  Add wick, herbals, and embeds (like the hearts and shamrocks shown here if you are using them).  Once all ingredients are added, I empower the firestarters for their intent. The example starters are for love and prosperity.

Once the wax completely cools, your firestarters are ready to use in your outdoor large cauldron or bonfire.

To use:  Lay the firestarter on a bed of tinder, small sticks, or dried herbs.  Light the wick or the paper on the side of the firestarter (or both) -- lighting honestly depends on weather conditions and the materials you are using in your cauldron or bonfire.

Love Herbal Formula -- Ginger Bits, Rose Petals, Cinnamon sticks, and Hot Peppers with 3 drops of Spirits of Rose Liquid Fluid Condenser in each firestarter.

Prosperity Herbal Formula - Chocolate Mint, Chamomile, Red Clover, Allspice, Cinnamon, and 3 drops of Spirits of Marigold Liquid Fluid Condenser.

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial. Many Blessings! Silver

Too busy to make your own firestarters? No worries! These firestarters are available in my WhisperMagick Shoppe. Visit

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