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Great Release Program — Day 7 — Saturday — 7 December 2013

Great Release Program Day Seven

by Silver RavenWolf copyright 2013

Sun in Sagittarius (Fire) First Quarter Moon (Beginnings or New Ideas for old projects) Moon in Aquarius — Innovative, Humanitarian, Endurance, Delight in the Imaginative (Air) Saturday —  ruled by Saturn — (Earth) Saturday’s Angel: Cassiel/Uriel

After completing today’s work you are a fourth of the way through this year’s Great Release Challenge!  I am so proud of you!  Today we are going to have a bit of fun with our Mad Minute Challenge –we are going to use bells, or drums, or rattles OR bang a spoon on the back of a pan.  The challenge?  How many rooms can you “clear” in one minute?  Use your creativity!  Get the family involved!  You could give everyone a pot or pan and wooden spoon and all start banging at one time, making as much noise as possible to scare away those nasty spirits and gummy, yuckie energies!  Or, you could carry one rattle to a room and have your partner stand outside of the room.  Shake the rattle while chanting the Braucherei Evil Be Gone chant, then throw the rattle to your partner, who does the next room.  You move ahead of your partner so you are ready to take over when he or she is done with his or her room.  Be sure to have a window open while you do your Mad Minute so that the evil can move out of your house or apartment.

Here’s the chant:

Evil be gone Do not return The Horse has run off And the bridges are burned!

In this chant, the horse represents the vehicle on which the negative energy travels or has access for movement.  The bridge represents breaking the conduit through which the evil travels.

So far, we have used the Mad Minute to pick up clutter, to clean, and to cleanse an area of negative energies.  What else could you do to use the mad minute idea?

Today’s angelic energy is Cassiel and is associated with Saturn planetary energy.  Coupled with Raphael, he is good to use for colds, flu (tis the season), and working for senior citizens.  Saturn energy is excellent for setting boundaries, creating a firm structure, constructing guidelines, and designing safe operating limits.  Saturn is also the planet of reward; particularly if you have been working very hard on a goal.  Saturn helps to keep the pathway stable, and bring physical manifestation to the goal.  Cassiel shares Saturday with the angel Uriel, who focuses on land, agriculture and physical structure.  Both angels preside over Karma, and both rule cause and effect — As Above, So Below — As Within, So Without.  Therefore, both are concerned with stabilization as well as physical manifestation.  At times, Cassiel has been referred to as the Angel of Patience because he is really slow to work.  If you wish to petition Cassiel, you might also enlist the aid of Raphael or Gabriel — both of whom can make the manifestation move faster as a request given to Cassiel could take years to manifest, and months for a sign.  Uriel is not as slow, and gives the interpretations to divine mysteries  and magick.  He also protects intuition and those who write or teach for a living.  A protector angel, Uriel packs a powerful punch, like a forty-ton truck without brakes flying down steep terrain.

Planetary correspondences for Saturn and Saturday include real estate, situations with older people, banishing or binding negativity, releasing bad habits, dealing with legal matters, banishing debt, gardening and farming.

Simple Uriel Stop Gossip Spell

If someone is giving you a bad time through rumors and gossip, write their name in pencil on a very small piece of paper.  Place the paper in a glass bottle (not plastic).  Pour bleach into the bottle and cap firmly.  Bury the bottle in the ground, calling upon Uriel to protect you and stop the evil.  Once the bottle is buried, stomp on the ground three times, saying:  “I call on you Uriel, Angel of Protection!  Disperse and eliminate the negative energy directed toward me!  So be it!”  Then, turn around and walk away.  Don’t look back.  If the ground is frozen, place the bottle in a can, then stack stones or bricks around the can outside.

Cassiel and Uriel both have messages, just like the other angels.  Cassiel’s seem to be more macabre — notification of a funeral, a gift colored black or gray, parrots, skulls, bones, turtles, or encountering extremely slow situations (traffic snarls, long lines, or mistakes in a food order).  Pine or patchouli scented candles seem to be a favorite.  Uriel’s messages are a bit lighter — a gift from the garden, garden implements or supplies, small animals such as mice, voles, or moles, evergreen wreaths, or country-type decorations (such as a primitive doll or basket filled with jellies and jams), and magazines dealing with an agricultural or renovation/restoration theme.

Today’s Challenge Clean the Stove/Oven and the Microwave.  Your oven/microwave is the hearth of your home.  If it isn’t clean and in good, functioning order, good luck and prosperity in the home can falter or turn completely negative.  After you finish cleaning, bless the stove, honoring its role in your life.

Summary — Today we turned our Mad Minute into something fun and unusual.  We also looked at the powers of two angels — Cassiel and Uriel.  You may also want to perform the Stop Gossip Spell — best done in a Saturn planetary hour, OR at midnight or 3:00 AM (the witching hour).

(1)  Perform your Braucherei Morning Ritual, remember to change the wish water, and continue with deep breathing. (2)  Do the Mad Minute Cleansing With Sound exercise. (3)  Clean the stove, oven, and microwave — seal your work and bless the stove as this is the hearthstone of your home or apartment. (4)  If you need to, do the Stop Gossip spell working. (5)  Consider what situation in your life might be relevant to Cassiel’s or Uriel’s assistance.  Place a petition in a black envelope or covered by a black sleeve of construction paper.  Draw the sigil of Saturn on the black paper in pencil.  Dress with a favorite Saturn oil, or use Vetivert or Patchouli.  Call on either angel, then bury the packet under something heavy.  Burn packet after your petition has been answered. (6)  Don’t forget to pitch, give away, or upcycle at least one item today.  This is very important!  Without releasing the broken or damaged, healing will be slower to manifest or meet additional obstacles.

Tomorrow:  The worst closet in the house or apartment!

Peace with the Gods Peace with Nature Peace within. Only the Good Remains. Silver

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