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Great Release Program – Day 19 – Thursday – 19 December 2013


You write the words that empower your life.

Great Release Program Thursday 19 December 2013

Day 19

by Silver RavenWolf copyright 2013

Sun in Sagittarius (Fire) Third Quarter Moon – Release Moon in Cancer — Protective! Sympathy, Awareness of Needs, Understanding Thursday — Ruled by Jupiter Today:  Angels of the Waning Moon

The Third Quarter Moon is a time of banishing, of putting to rest, of closing off, of cleaning out, of organizing, ditching what is harmful and locking things up that you want to protect.  A great time to work on healing chronic disorders and small medical problems like skin irritations, warts, etc.  Difficulties such as gossip, lying, and catching thieves fall under the energy of the third quarter moon.  Once again, at the end of the Third Quarter, the Moon is square the Sun, urging you to rise to the challenge and make the changes necessary to live a fuller, richer life.  This “square” occurs on Christmas Day (this year).  Call on the Angels of the Waning Moon to assist you in releasing all that is unsuitable, or hindering in your life — this would include negative relationships, stress, worry, fear, or patterns of behavior that you know darned well are beating you down.

Our magickal act for today is to write down everything that we know we need to release, whether it is a collection of thoughts, your reactions or actions in given situations, or physical blocks.  You have spent the last eighteen days letting go of all sorts of stuff.  What is left over?  What haven’t you quite allowed to exit?  In some type of meditative format or rite — verbally release these things, spit on the paper, and then burn it.  Scatter the ashes out-of-doors.  Then, take a long relaxing shower or bath, imagining any leftover negativity going down the drain with the water.  You can whisper, “carry the negativity away” as you watch the water go down the drain.  This type of personal cleansing should really be done once a week (if you can), as life is a rolling ball of energy and we continually pick up gunk along the way.  A once a week spiritual cleansing can help you attain your goals faster and the results of your desires can attain a more stable footing in your life.  Seriously, who doesn’t like a yummy shower or bath complete with great smelly stuff, hot steam and the pleasure of pure relaxation?

Our physical work for today:  Is one of my least favorite activities — cleaning out the refrigerator.  Who knows what lurks in there?  Food cleanliness is important to your physical health (this is a given); however, don’t forget that anything rotting breeds negative energy.  Every time you open that fridge door to peer at the mess, the nasty energy rolls out into you face.  EEEEUUUUUWWWW!  Sigh.  So, with cleaner in hand and a sturdy garbage bag, time to face the beast in the box.  Don’t forget the freezer, and be sure to check the dates on all bottled and boxed items in the monster’s belly.  Unsure about how long to keep food?  Visit this website:  for food safety tips.  No matter how hard you try to keep the refrigerator clean, it always manages to smear butter on itself, drip gravy, and horde bits of frozen vegetable.  Argh!

Summary:  Today we talked about the Waning Moon, and what this window is traditionally used for in daily living as well as magickal acts.  We also covered making a release list and burning it.  Finally, one of the best ways to improve physical, mental, and spiritual health is to do some type of personal cleansing.  After doing the refrigerator you’ll need that cleansing process.  (I know I will!)

(1)  Do your Morning Braucherei Ritual (and remember to change the water). (2)  Write down what you need to release in your life and burn the paper.  Scatter the ashes outside. (3)  Clean the refrigerator. (4)  Release at least one item today (the stuff in the refrigerator doesn’t count), or give something away, or upcycle. (5)  Do Two Mad Minute Exercises.

Tomorrow:  Books, CD’s, Videos, Tapes, Music, DVD’s — this also includes getting rid of old electronics

Peace with the Gods Peace with Nature Peace Within! Only the Good Remains!


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