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Great Release Program – Day 18 – Wednesday – 18 December 2013

Angel of Fertility

Angel of Fertility

Great Release Program Wednesday, 18 December 2013 Day 18

by Silver RavenWolf copyright 2013

Growth and Fertility can not enter your life if you harbor negativity – Let it go! Hit the Road, Jack!

Sun in Sagittarius (Fire) Third Quarter Moon – Release Moon in Cancer — Protective! Sympathy, Awareness of Needs, Understanding Wednesday — Ruled by Mercury Today:  Angels of Music

Did you listen to the song?  No?  Click the youtube link up above and get into it!  How can you have joy when you are filled with grief?  How can you have harmony when you are filled with fear?  Our theme today?  Tell that negative energy to Hit the Road!

And don’t come back!

With the Moon in the Third Quarter we move into the waning stage, where we are going to make more of a concerted effort to throw out the old ideas, feelings, and actions that no longer serve us.  Change is a self-perception shift.  If that’s all there is to it — that we simply think and process differently — then, let’s do it!  Today, while you are doing your challenge — put on your favorite music and dance the work away!  The goal for today is going through your clothes.  Consider what you are wearing and why?  Clothes speak of our inner self — are you all about comfort, style, a perception of what you are not?  Do you dress for yourself? Are you forced to follow a dress code because of where you work?  How do you individualize that code?  There are no wrong answers here — only self observation.  If you are saying, “I dress like this because I don’t have the money…”

Money for what?  Someone else’s name on your clothes?  Is that important?  This is not a judgemental view — they are questions specifically designed to make you think, and to choose whether you wish to change your thinking by stepping into a different perspective.  Can you put an unusual, creative twist on those old threads?  Are you trying to make yourself old before your time?  Are you wearing clothes that are too big?  Too small?  Why?  Are your clothes clean?  Or are you stashing your clean clothes in a corner rather than putting them away.


Are there clothes in your closet that are there, not because you wear them; but, because someone gave them to you and you don’t want to offend them by getting rid of them?

Take advantage of the waning moon energy.  Let the angels of music assist you as you pull out those dresser drawers, rummage in the corner, shove the stuff out from under the bed, and rip through that closet!  Make three piles — give away, toss, create something new with this (with the idea that you will do the upcycle in 30 days — if you can’t — consider tossing or giving away).

I actually stood at my front door last night, and singing as loudly as I could (Hit the Road, Jack!) I tossed two huge contractor bags of trash out into the snow.  Felt good.

It did! Really!

(Okay, so I went out and picked it up later and put it in the right place — but, darn!  I had a blast doing it!)

Then, I walked back inside and empowered the clothes I am keeping.  Yes, I did!  I cleansed and blessed them, and then empowered all of them for joy, happiness, harmony and prosperity!

Summary:  Release, release, release — and be empowered while you do it!  Play your favorite music and become a whirlwind of change, change, change!  You can do it!  Go through your clothes, release what no longer serves you, cleanse, bless and empower what is left.  Let the mathematical magick of music carry your mind to a magnificent place!

(1)  Do your morning Braucherei ritual (don’t forget to change that water). (2)  Go through your clothing — get the family involved!  Make a game of it — a race, a charity action …. turn the change into a positive perception! (3)  Remember, you must throw at least one thing away today! (4)  Do three Mad Minute Exercises!

Note:  Today you might want to try something different with your morning ritual.  We all know people that need help.  After each chant, add “Help (and the person’s name) for three chants.  Then, for the next three chants, pick another person.  And, finally for the last three chants — choose someone else.  How did that make you feel?

Tomorrow:  The refrigerator (this is the one I hate the most).

Peace with the Gods Peace with Nature Peace Within. Only the Good Remains.


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