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Granny Camp! Super Success!

Drying hand dipped incense at 2013 Granny Camp.

Drying hand dipped incense at 2013 Granny Camp.

The past week has certainly been busy!  Last January I decided that it would be fun if I held a Granny Camp program here at the hearthstone.  The general idea was to provide a hands-on, enjoyable summer experience that incorporated crafty things as well as mind magick.  We set the date and for several months I rolled around in my head what projects we could do, what themes we would touch on, and how I would incorporate physical activities with a spiritual thread that would run through the two-day intensive.

Having just finished Lesson 3, it was a perfect time to work with people in person, touching on several of the chants, charms, and practices in the lessons.  This was a pilot program, not open to the public, so that I could monitor how well the program worked, examine the overall cost, and consider what concepts might be strengthened or cut from the two day training.

Silver RavenWolf making incense at Granny Camp 2013.

Silver RavenWolf making incense at Granny Camp 2013.

I have always worked with the moon in the signs when training in public, and began, two years ago, working with the planetary hours for group events; but, I never said much about it.  With the Sun in Leo — I knew people would want to make things in a big way, and show what they made.  With the Moon in Capricorn they would be more open to structure and guidelines — and would expect hand-outs (something I don’t often provide; but made the extra effort to do so)  For this event, I set up the planetary hours in schedule form — first writing what each hour basically meant, and then worked in what events would seem to flow better with each individual hour.  This worked extremely well, and I think we all learned from it.

Silver chanting over the incense oil.

Silver chanting over the incense oil.

The schedule looked something like this:

1:11 – 2:20 – Moon – Water, Emotion — Open with a Group Mind Activity — Tying long counting cords to a metal pentacle stake in the center of the yard right over the underground aquifer and perform a fun, opening ritual.

1:30 – 3:28 — Saturn — Earth — Structure — Teach how to clear one’s field, practice Golden Light visualization, practice silent movement, begin introducing the chants we will use this weekend.

and so on.

We used three chants basic chants for the event:

Pentacle of One — in Lesson 3 Will of the World — Lesson 3 Web of the Wyrrd — Lesson 4

During the two days we used the hourly “Mindful Bell”, practiced divination with white and black stones, made poppets filled with herbs in accordance with which stone they chose (white or black), used paper talisman magick, enjoyed a bonfire healing circle with drumming, overdipped candles, made incense, Granny’s Secret Powder (which is very versatile) and magickal oils.   Let me tell you with the sun in Leo?  We had some pretty, darned snazzy poppets!  Thanks to Lady Kori, who brought not only the herbs, but also tons of embellishments!

If you are interested in learning Braucherei, Granny Magick, and Blue Mountain magicks you can purchase lessons one through three at  We’d love to work with you!


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