Goin’ a Healin’ — April 25th

by Silver RavenWolf

Raw egg used in a Granny Magick healing ceremony. After the healing I placed the egg in the creek asking the water spirits to wash away her pain. I can really see the magick — can you?

I spent most of my time this week working for the students of my new Granny Magick/Braucherei Witchery class.   I’ve built a new blog that they can access, and have begun adding posts and information to help them in their studies.  I was called on to do a healing for a friend who had surgery on Monday.  I visited her on Monday and she came here Tuesday and Wednesday.  It certainly was serendipitous to the beginning of the new class, as she agreed to allow me to write about the healing work each day.  Today, I did an egg healing ceremony for her.

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