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Day Thirteen of the Great Release Program — Banish Computer Gremlins

Day Thirteen of Silver RavenWolf's Great Release Challenge

Backup, Defrag, Delete Files You Don't Need

Day Thirteen — 2011 Great Release Challenge! Tuesday, 13 December by Silver RavenWolf

Ring the bell!

Yep, we’re going to do that every day until the program is finished.  Today, 13 December 2011, Mercury stations and turns direct at 8:43 PM EST / 5:43 PM PST.  Mercury will remain in its storm until 18 December, moving more than 40 minutes of arc per day as it gears back up toward its maximum speed.  Some folks prefer to wait until Mercury appears at its normal speed to make any monumental changes.  Others don’t feel this is necessary — your call.

Also today, the Moon is Void From 1:58 PM to 4:48 PM (10.58 AM to 1:48 PM for PST) — which may bring a more sluggish than usual feeling to the day, particularly since the moon is moving from Cancer (home body stuff) to Leo (more outward oriented energy).   If you just can’t seem to get your tuckus off the couch — no worries, all will right itself soon enough.

Your Mission Today — 

For the Busy Person — Your Computer

For the Dedicated Enthusiast — Your Computer and Desk Area/Workspace Area

I don’t know about you, but to me?  There is nothing more irritating than computer maintenance.  Yeah, yeah, yeah — backup.  Yeah, yeah, yeah, update files.  Wait!  Whaddya mean I hafta turn off the computer!  I’m right in the middle of something important!  Defragment disk.  Ug!

Yet, come the day your computer chooses to poop on you… and you haven’t done the back-up…major stress!

Ring the bell!

Gold Star Meditation For Today —

If you complete this challenge — you earn another gold star!  This is number thirteen!  But, before I tell you where it belongs, let’s go over our Gold Star meditation and purpose from the beginning of the program (because I know some of you have not done the meditation, so I’m urging you to take another peek, and those of you that have, let’s review to get it in our minds before we do the last task of the day).

Early on in the program I talked about earning a gold star for every day that you accomplish something.  You chose the first gold star and assigned it a quality that you would like to instill in your life.  Something like peace, mental clarity, compassion, acknowledgement of joy, etc.  The second gold star you earned, for Day 2, was love — everybody needs some of that!  I even gave you a calendar image to use if you didn’t want to mark up your family calendar.

The object was/is to draw (or paste) a gold star for every day you complete a release mission.  With each seven stars you earn, we agreed that you would treat yourself to something special — some small reward to yourself.  Too often we deride ourselves over numerous personal failings; but, how often do we truly congratulate ourselves?  Seven stars gives you the excuse!  But, that’s not all…

There really was a method to my madness with the gold stars — a dynamite meditation that takes only a minute or so to perform.  Let’s review the meditation:

1. Find a peaceful place — no interruptions.  This meditation is so fast that you really don’t have to worry too much about life around you interfering.

2.  Take three deep, cleansing breaths.

3.  Close your eyes.

4.  Imagine the energy around you, your personal aura, is a suit of designer clothes — you’re the designer.

5.  On this suit of clothes I want you to pin the first gold star you earned over your heart area– the one that indicates what quality you’d like to encourage in yourself.  Imagine it glowing and mixing with the energy that is already there.  Take as much time as you need with the visualization.  If you can’t get a full picture, don’t sweat it.  We’ll be working every day from now on with our star suit — practice makes perfect.

6.  Now it is time to pin on the second star.  Pin that one right above the first star, over the heart.  Just like before, imagine that star glowing and mixing with the energy that is already there — you can even visualize it blending with the first star.

7.  Whisper to yourself a “knowing statement” — for example, “I know that each and every day I will be filled with positive, mental clarity.”  or, “I know that I am love and that love surrounds me.”  (That’s a good one, especially when things are REALLY stressful!).

8.  Take another deep breath.  Draw an equal-armed cross in your mind to seal what you’ve done, and open your eyes.

You will be amazed how much your star meditation is going to help you each and every day.  Throughout the day, if things are tough — activate your stars!  No kidding!  Just close your eyes and push on a star in your mind like you push a button!  You can even say to yourself:  “Star On!”  or “Love Star On!”.

This meditation has several positive aspects to it from stabilizing the mind, body, spirit, teaching you to open up and allow positive energies into your energy field, letting you experience that you are in control of what goes on around you, and finally, the speed of it is the key — set it and forget it — use it when you need it.

Remember I told you that magick is like the game of baseball.  You swing the bat, you hit the ball, and then you run the bases.  Sometimes you hit a homer; but, more often than not, you have to stop at first, second, or third base before heading home — which is what makes the game so interesting.  In magick, the power isn’t just with the crack of the bat on the ball (your thought), it is the combination of where your head is at when you run the bases.  Unlike in the movies (read this carefully) the real boost of power comes in the RELEASE — not the holding of the idea.

If we believe anything is possible by using our “Know” statement as we walk up to the plate.  And then we raise our trusty bat (our emotions) and smack the hell out of that ball (the desire), and then throw the bat to the side with gusto as we run like the dickens to that first base… what do you think will happen?

Further on in the program I asked you to run an experiment.  You were to choose three small items, empower one for positive energy flow/love/something good, one to curse at and relieve yourself of personal angst, and the third you were to do nothing — just let it sit there.  How did that experiment work for you?  A few of you have posted your experiences.  You found that your personal energy does indeed affect physical objects and the moods of individuals around those objects.

This experiment and the Gold Star Meditation actually fit together —  one playing off the other to give you personal proof that your really do have an aura and it really does carry various flavors of energy — specifically what YOU choose to wear (surround yourself with).

Now…I’d like you to go through your house with this new knowledge, or at least affirming this knowledge…and look at EVERYTHING differently — from this new perspective of physical plus the surrounding energy of every object.

After you do this, think about how you feel…and to help others…please post!

Today’s Gold Star?  Actually, I want you to close your eyes and BECOME the Star.

Remember that list you made on the first day?  Keep it handy, we’ll be working with it soon. (Getting tired of seeing this sentence, yet?)

Release Program Diary

With the holidays right around the corner and a family birthday (Happy Birthday Jamie!  Big 25!) the house has been rocking and rolling.  I’ve found that the Release Program actually adds more spice and vigor, rather than focusing on the same holiday-stress rollercoaster.  Like you, I haven’t been able to accomplish every challenge listed.  Some I’ve had to put off to the following day, or two days later, as time and family schedule permits.  That’s okay, because every day, as long as I release something…I’m right on target.

Yesterday, with the help of my sons and daughter-in-law, a broken bookcase and ancient-heavy-as-heck dresser left the building…permanently.  I also managed to clear another bag of junk from the basement, and one from my eldest son’s old room.  I went through two tubs of maybe-I-should-save-this from last year’s program, and eliminated an entire tub and a half of meaningless junk.  I also gave away an extra Yule tree and all its accouterments (tree skirt, lights, yada).  My husband even got in on the program and removed two old, broken air conditioners and washed out the filters of the vacuum cleaner.

We are on a roll!  How about you?

Peace with the Gods Peace with Nature Peace Within So Be It!

For Tomorrow:  The Silverware Drawer

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