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Day Ten of the Great Release Program!

Day Ten of the Great Release Program! 30 Days to an Awesome New YOU!

by Silver RavenWolf

Why Are You Hanging Onto Pain? Kick it out!

Mercury stationed and turned retrograde this morning, and for the next twenty days we will observe crossed communications, misunderstandings, arguments over really stupid issues, broken electrical equipment, and screw-ups in general.  The most documented of the retrograde experiences, this time does have its usefulness.  Really!  The basic rule during a Mercury retrograde is:  Don’t start anything new that’s super important to you.

Mercury retrograde is a time to re-think, re-align, re-visit…yada.  Basically, put the RE prefix in front of it and you’re good to go.  Being aware that Mercury is retrograde is half the battle.  Knowing that trains won’t be on time, the ferry will be slower than usual, the roads will be clogged at strange hours, that people will miss your phone calls, lose your letters, and be grumpy on top of it… well, then, you are one up on the common human.  Expect it and move on.  I have a friend who has a Mercury Retrograde savings account.  He started it several years ago when he had to replace his transmission in his car and had to borrow money and max out his credit card to pay for it.  This account, he explains, is only for things that break — the refrigerator, washer, water heater — that sort of stuff.  He doesn’t touch it for anything else.  It’s a thought.

My husband says (and I think he has a good point) that Mercury retrograde is a time to play only in your own sandbox — meaning, pay attention to self and immediate environment.  Mr. Sage-Drop-Wisdom on occasion also said last night — December in this country is a time for family.  With all the holiday hoopla nobody really cares or wants to be bothered with someone’s dumb drama that does not affect the primary unit (meaning family).  He’s got a point.  In the corporate world they used to call December the Lame Duck Month, meaning that most people just limped along at work tasks because they were so focused on family, immediate friends, and holiday fun that the bottom line was the least of their worries.  Right now is truly not the best time to elicit the cooperation of outsiders on what they might consider insignificant, because they are focused on themselves, and won’t give you the undivided attention you need.  This is NOT to say that you shouldn’t seek professional help in any arena should you require it.  Mercury Retrograde has a habit of bringing old issues out into the open in an effort to force you to deal with them.  Spiritual teachers, card readers, reiki practitioners, etc., notice a spike in  clientele /business during this time, particularly closer to when Mercury stations to turn direct again.

Working within the Mercury Retrograde time-span is actually a gift to the Awesome New You!  The look-within requirement of every Mercury Retrograde will serve you nicely, so let’s take advantage of it!

Your Mission Today:  Today’s task is called:  Hit the Road, Jack!  and, if you are brave, you are going to walk through your living area, and particularly peep in hidey-holes, to ferret out anything that is left over from a dead relationship.  Now, let me be specific — we’re talking about the guy who cheated on you, the gal who forced you into bankruptcy, the ex mother-in-law who gave her son money so he could put you through the worst custody battle on the face of the planet so his widdle feelings wouldn’t be hurt (he doesn’t really give a damn about the kid), the friend who tried to play suck face with your husband in the bathroom last New Year’s Eve… those type of relationships that negatively impacted you.  And, don’t tell me you already cleaned that stuff out, because there is always SOMETHING you missed.  So!  Take the trash bag and start chucking!  Pictures?  Go!  Rings (especially!!!! if they are worth something, sell-em).  Clothing — tear it then throw it.  Dishware — break it! Furniture?  Unless you must have it, give it away.

The theory here is that if you purposefully hold onto these things, you are holding onto the pain the relationship caused.  The magickal line of thought is that each of those items carries a double charge of energy — that which came from the original gifter (owner) and yours, along with the binding psychic memory of the relationship.  By keeping this stuff, you are continuing to hold the negativity to you.

The key to this little exercise is how you feel about it, and whether or not you think you are ready to let go — to release — this old relationship.  Are you?  I think you are!

Hey!  Be sure to check the garage, the attic, and the basement.  That’s often where this type of stuff crawls to so that it can continue to fester in your space — out of sight — where it can desiccate unnoticed — picking at you from afar…okay, you get the point.  Time to grab that trash bag and march!!  Take no prisoners!  The time for the final battle is now!

While you are at it, take a pen and piece of paper and write down all small things that are broken and need replaced or repaired.  The little stuff.  Nothing all consuming.  Nothing super expensive. For example, one of my curtain rods is bent, and should have been replaced ages ago.  I keep meaning to take care of it and always forget.  I also need a new fry pan.  The one I currently have has sizzled one too many hamburgers and now everything wants to stick — that kind of stuff.  Once you’ve consciously marked items in your mind for replacement, you have begun the release process.  In the next twenty days, we want to follow through on that list, so tape it to the fridge or put it on your desk, and as you replace these things, mark them off.  We’re not writing down anything big because the effort or price may be more than you can mentally handle right now.  Just the small stuff, okay?

My Magickal Release Diary:  I spent most of the day yesterday working on a healing hex sign.  With the release program, you may find your creativity going into hyper-drive.  Hours few by and I didn’t even notice!  Between that and having guests for dinner, the day slipped by at warp speed.  Now that my refrigerator is clean, I guess I’ll have to put stuff in it.  All day long, as I moved throughout the house, I did the Grab It and Dump It — and ended up with another trash bag full of stuff!  I’d like to tell you that everything is totally clean — but, it isn’t.  My son is still working on my bedroom and every day, a new layer of fine dust settles on everything.  That’s okay.  The end result will definitely be worth it!

Are you remembering to practice the Braucherie Morning Ritual every day?  How is that going for you?  Have you started to slow down a bit?  Think this program is too much or has gotten boring?  That’s okay.  Those feelings are normal.  Hang in there!  I promise that on the other side of these thirty days you will look and feel so much better!

Tomorrow (I’ll give you a bit of an advance) is entitled:  Your Day!  So think about something special you’d like to do on your Reward Day.  After all, you’ve done all this hard work — you are entitled to something wonderful that you choose!

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