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Day Six of the Great Release Program!

Day Six of the Great Release Program! by Silver RavenWolf

25 Days to an Awesome New You!!!!

You Are Awesome!

Your Mission for Today:  Is everyone’s favorite, it seems — clean out your underwear drawer.  Get rid of those old, ratty undies!  What you wear directly next to your body impacts your personal energy field.  My mother always demanded I wear clean, nice underwear — “In case I got into a wreck.”  Mothers.  Sometimes we are not sane.  Replace those droopy drawers with something spicy and new.  I don’t care how old you are — you aren’t in your grave, yet.  A few bucks to dress up the tuckus never hurt.  And, while you’re at it, move over to the sock drawer.  Socks seem to be prone to divorce (one of them is always running off).  Pair them up, and toss those singles!

My Release Diary:  Up at 3:00 AM and writing away…worked on the new blog banner and as the sun rose, a flock of birds landed outside my window.  In the dawn light it was a beautiful sight to behold.  I snapped several pictures through the window, knowing that they probably wouldn’t be the greatest — but, I wanted to savor the view and thanked Spirit for that treasured moment!

I thought about those birds all day.  I downloaded the pictures and studied the message behind the event.  Here is the picture that gave me that AH-HA! moment…

December Flock -- Thought and Emotions

Consider the sky to be your mind.  And your physical body to be the telephone pole.  The telephone lines are your emotions.  And the birds?  They are your thoughts.  If this were a movie, you’d see the birds settle, unsettle, move, flick their wings, hop on the line, etc. — just like our thoughts do.  The lines in the pic are cris-crossed, just like our real emotions.  The birds settle there, using them as support — therefore, you can have the greatest ideas and thoughts in the world; but, if your emotions don’t support them, the good thoughts will fly away, one by one.  Eventually, the greater number of birds on the line  will naturally take flight, this represents all those little thoughts that coalesce into one goal.  When the goal is ready to materialize, the birds rise together as a flock and continue onward to manifestation.  When the birds work as ONE then the goal manifests.

Okay, so I’m not sane.  Go figure.

And that is why I love crows and ravens — to me, they are thought and memory — representations of powerful vehicles of change — totems of what can always be… if you just believe.

If you are into doing crafty things, why not cut out 25 small birds from construction paper.  Every morning, (or night) right after you do your Braucherei charm, burn one of the birds.  As you burn the paper, say:  “I release all that is negative within me.”  If you want to do something more, you could say:  “I release all that is negative within me, and beg Spirit to transform that energy into Peace and Healing for humankind.”  Take a nice deep breath before you say your statement, let your shoulders and neck relax and accept the feeling of letting go and peace within yourself.

Conversely!  If you want to do a fun craft with the kids (or for yourself) again cut out 25 birds, and this time, each morning tape the bird on the fridge (or bulletin board or whatever) and repeat a particular goal (must be the same each day) or just reiterate how truly awesome you are!  You can even write your main goal on a strip of paper and tape it up there, too.  I actually have a friend who uses toys to get what she wants.  Yep.  On her desk at work.  She lines them up, one by one each day, until what she wants manifests.

Did you just join us?  That’s okay.  Any day is a good day to work on the release program, even if you didn’t land with both feet on day one and charge forward.  If today Spirit brought you to the blog?  Then today you start!  Did you miss a day or two?  That’s alright, pick up where you left off.

Don’t forget to share your experiences here.  We’re all in this together!  Onward and upward!!!


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