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Day Six of the Great Release Challenge!

Day Six of Release Program

The Junk Drawers Have Untold Power Over Your Life

Day Six — 2011 Great Release Challenge! Tuesday 6 December by Silver RavenWolf

It is Junk Drawer Day!  — at work, at home — time to discover the treasures lying within!

Your Mission Today — 

For the Busy Person — Clean out at least one junk drawer in home or office.

For the Dedicated Enthusiast — Clean out as many junk drawers as you can (time permitting) at both home and work environment.

There is always at least one drawer in the house that seems to be magnetized to gather an inordinate amount of stuff.  Sometimes its power is so strong that eventually, you can’t shut the drawer, or you have to give it an extra hard shove to close.

This offensive drawer is the target of today’s mission.  Once you identify the most flagrant transgressor of perfect peace/perfect space, you need to actually look at it before you touch it.   Just what’s  in there?  In magick, we learn that all things have an energy field, and these fields attract and repel.  Here, there is something about all these items that brew the commonality of attraction– and there is something about these things that repel you!  (Because the drawer is messy, you see, or because once you put something in there — you forgot about it.)

And, when that drawer fills up — the stuff crawls to the next available drawer, and the next, and the next…until every drawer in the house is a jumble of junk.

Why bother to analyze?  There are two benefits.  We can see for ourselves what we shouldn’t have kept in the first place (perhaps we were in a hurry and just jammed the object in there because we didn’t feel we had the time to put it away or the item belongs to someone else and they would have heart failure if you tossed it even though 80% of the time they are never going to look for it).  Sometimes a drawer becomes a catch-all because in our minds, we intend to sort the stuff out later.  A sort of holding drawer that unfortunately decides it doesn’t want to let go of what its holding.

Secondly, we can make adjustments now about where such stuff should go in the future.  You’ll find this benefit to be a tiny, amazing change in your daily life.  This insignificant change teaches us that even the smallest bit of chosen structure carries great future benefits.  Looking at the big picture is very good in many cases; however, when it seems too big to swallow, tiny actions of forward movement can and will eradicate the mountain!

My point?  In any problem — don’t ever let the size alone scare you.  Set your jaw and chip away.  Eventually you will reveal the solution which will disintegrate the problem or you will reach the tipping point where everything will naturally fall into place.  You just gotta believe.

Back to the drawer.

The first time I went through our junk drawers (we had three) I didn’t throw enough stuff away, and I didn’t move much of what was in there.  I just took everything out, threw away trash, got rid of an errant old coupon, vacuumed out the drawer and put everything back.  They stayed organized for…oh…about a day.

The second time I cleaned them out, I was more ruthless, and actually tossed a lot of the stuff.  But, empty space breeds clutter, and even though I didn’t put anything in those drawers, the rest of the family pounced on them.  Ouuuu….ahhhhhh…!  Must fill!


The third time (three’s the charm) I had a plan.  Not only would I clean out the drawers, I would assign drawers their function!  All small tools that were scattered throughout the house for regular maintenance stuff went into a drawer all by themselves.  All batteries went in there as well.  And the flashlights.  This worked out great because whenever anyone wanted a tool or needed batteries, or the power went out — that was the only drawer they needed to look in.  Eventually they learned to look in that drawer.

Yeah.  Well.  It took time.

The second drawer was for “things I borrowed” or “small gifts to give”.  That way, I never lost the books friends gave me to read and I always knew where I put that item I bought for a friend or family member.

This system of assigning objects to drawers made my life a whole lot easier.  When my daughter brought me a new television hutch with several drawers and shelves I immediately labeled the function of each drawer and shelf.  They are as clean today as when she first gave me the furniture.

At the same time, I vowed not to just toss stuff in drawers without thinking about it first.  I save all my receipts (have to) and I taught myself to walk the extra steps to the storage container designated for those, no matter how busy the day.  Errant costume jewelry is another problem for me.  I wear it, it starts to bug me by the end of the day, so I toss it…somewhere.  I’m currently teaching myself to put the jewelry away so it can commensurate with all the other costume jewelry.  To keep my jewelry box organized, I started to put each piece in its own small plastic polybag.  That way, I can see everything without it being in a tremendous jumble.

I’m still working on that one.

You may also like to make one special drawer your Spell Drawer, particularly if you have the problem where you can’t keep active work out in the open due to partners, animals, or children.  There is nothing more frustrating than taking the time to make a special conjure bag, and then have the dog run off with it or your partner open the bag and peer into it, saying:  “Hey!  What’s this?”

Sing the word “frustrating” for me — long and loud.  Sheesh!

Finally, consider seeding the drawers you emptied with positive, magickal intent.  For example, whole empty drawer?  Desperately want an I-Pad?  Make a conjuring bag with candy, a magnet, and a picture of the object and place it in the empty drawer.

Gold Star Meditation For Today —

If you complete this challenge — you actually earn two gold stars!  These stars represent your creativity — that which you accomplish with your hands.  Activate the stars anytime you want to do a crafty project or work with your hands (which is like…all the time…lol).

Remember that list you made on the first day?  Keep it handy, we’ll be working with it soon.

Release Program Diary

I have so totally been on a roll!

Altar area cleaned and reorganized.  Check! All clutter off the floor downstairs.  Check! (Except for my work room.  Will get to that.) All clutter off the floor upstairs.  Still working on that. All junk off the top of cabinets, hutches, and shelves.  Check! All junk drawers cleaned out and organized.  Check! All underwear in new or good condition.  Check! Bathroom totally cleaned, cabinets emptied, old stuff thrown out.  Check!  (Note to self, replace the shower curtain.) Two 50 gallon garbage bags full of junk dragged up from the basement and out the door.  Check! Two 50 gallon garbage bags full of junk from upstairs dragged down the stairs and out the door.  Check! Washed kitchen wall.  Check and double check!

Oh yeah.  Uh-huh!

Peace with the Gods Peace with Nature Peace Within So Be It!

For Tomorrow:  Your wallet, purse, or briefcase and the glove compartment of your car.

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