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Day Nine of the Great Release Program!

You can do it!

Day Nine of the Great Release Program! Moving Forward to an Awesome New You!

by Silver RavenWolf

Your Mission Today:   Today is a fun day, its called — Grab it Day.  Throughout the day and evening, anything you see that is old, broken, out-of-place, dirty, or you just down right hate — Grab it and Dump it in the trash.  See ya.  Bye-Bye.  So long.  Pick a language!

When you’re through today, jump on the blog (if you have time) and tell us all what you got rid of and if you like, why.  Everyone’s experiences support  all of us.  Don’t be shy!

I promised you that I’d talk about  those… other people.  The folks that share your space; but, won’t support what you are doing in the release program.  Yeah.  Those guys (or gals).

Getting all the people in my life to agree on anything is enough to make you laugh until you hiccup.

Okay, so we’ll all defend each other to the death…but, that’s where it stops.

When I took the release program public for the first time in blog form (I’d already done a similar one in my HedgeWitch book) I enlisted the assistance of my daughters.  I explained that by releasing old, worn out things they would be making room for all the cool stuff they really wanted.  This statement alone managed to spark a great deal of interest.  Who, in their right mind, does not want neat, new, cool stuff?  I showed both girls books I had on Feng Shui (the art of placement) and how it is thought that objects in your living and working environment can affect your well-being simply by their position in your space.  I asked my daughters for ideas and they had a great time thinking up things to do that would fit into the release program.  In essence, I marketed the release program to my family.  And, that’s what you have to do — market the product.  Let’s face it, you’re trying to sell an idea to your family or mates.  You already know how they think, so you are one up on the ad campaign you are going to develop to support your personal release program.  You already know what buttons to push.  What response certain comments will elicit.  Now, you just have to sell what you’re doing.

You can do it.

If you are dealing with a real, live hoarder —  I sympathize.  Hoarding (they even think the behavior has its own addictive gene marker) is no joke, and is linked to serious, buried, psychological problems which, in many cases, require long-term counseling.  I believe, however, that we are all hoarders in some respect, some folks just hoard people, or maybe only one thing (like salt and pepper shakers)  instead of enough bottle caps, balls of string, pickle jars, and briefcases to fill a barn.  To me, a collector is a refined hoarder — and, that’s okay.  It only becomes a problem when the behavior morphs and in some way damages the self or others.  Like not being able to eat because you can’t find the refrigerator.  Then, you have a problem.  If you are in the midst of such a dilemma, get help.  Find a qualified individual to assist you in working through this problem.  If you are the hoarder, you’ve already made a great big giant step in working with this program.  You’ve admitted you have a problem, now all you need is the support to dig yourself out.  That strong, unending support can be found in qualified assistance.  If you are dealing with a hoarder, an experienced therapist can help you and the hoarder, and give you the support you need.

Back on topic — sell the product — the product is what you desire as your living and working area.  Be inventive.  People only buy what they think they need.  So, let them know how their needs will be fulfilled by releasing the crap and allowing the excellent energy to roll right in.  Today, watch at least ten different commercials — pay attention to how they are trying to sell you their products.  Now, take those ideas, weigh them against the type of family or friends you have, and then launch your campaign!  Give us your ideas!

My Release Diary:  Oh, Lordy.  Oh, my Marie!  Oh Saints and Spirits!  Sweet Goddess Divine why do you allow strange things to grow in my refrigerator?  Three hours.  Three hours to clean the refrigerator that I thought was already clean.  I tore the whole thing apart, right down to the walls.  Oh my stars.  But!  Its done and it looks great!

By the way, Santa Clause texted me that he would be happy to take away my trash, and then he called to make the arrangements, and when he found out I had 25 bags of horse hair plaster and broken wood as well as the trash from the basement he told me the weight would kill the reindeer.  Maybe I should have asked the Belsnickle!

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