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Day Fourteen of the Great Release Challenge!

Ring that Bell for Change!

Day 14 of the Great Release Challenge! 30 Days to an Awesome New You!

by Silver RavenWolf

Note:  I’m posting early as the weather here has turned sour.  When the weather goes, the internet connection is sure to follow.  I want to be sure you get your post for Tuesday, so here it is!

Your Mission Today:  Change.  Today, we will (as much as possible) totally rearrange one room in the house (or at work, rearrange your desk and office space if you can).  This goes for the guys, too, who have a shop or garage that is their kingdom.  Your kingdom needs a little energizing!

In the rearranging process, keep our motto in mind:  Toss, sell, or give-away keeps the nasty thoughts away!

Okay, so it wasn’t the best rhyme in the world.  Bear with me.  Some of you are saying — But, I like everything just the way it is.  Do-ya-now!  Life is perfect, is it?  Things are grand?  Couldn’t be happier?


I reiterate (with a smile) — Rearrange something, even if it is just the pictures of the family on the buffet.

And…every time you move a piece of furniture, or something sizeable (of importance) to you — ring a bell.  I’m not kidding.  Bells, singing bowls, tuning forks, all help to clear out negativity and raise our spiritual vibrations.

Yes, something just as simple, as easy…

as ringing a bell.

Today?  We are exorcising those personal demons!  You go!

My Release Diary:  A very interesting day.  No heat.  I could not believe it.  It took several phone calls, three service calls, and a true mind over matter scenario to get heat back in this house.  Of course, true to Mercury Retrograde, this would occur when it was only 15 degrees outside.  Naturally.  When we finally got heat I sat down at my dining room table and I prayed for all the people in the world who are cold and do not have heat.  I spent the day in misery.  I certainly wouldn’t want to spend my night that way.

I know I’ve written about this before; but, assuming you’ve read everything I’ve ever written is a bit snotty, so…if you have seen this before, maybe there is a reason for you to remember it.  If not, maybe you’re gonna need it, so here it is.

I have a knack for starting things that won’t start.  Like cars, furnaces (ahem, today), boats, tools (anything with a motor) as long as it isn’t totally seized.  I learned how to do it a long time ago, and the technique has served myself and others well ever since.  I started with stalled cars and sort of progressed.  I can only do it if it needs to be done — a stranded motorist, again — my furnace — that sort of scenario.  On occasion I have been able to use the technique for locks; but, for some reason, they seem trickier for me.  So, here it is.  Practice, and you will be able to do it, too.

First.  You must believe.  If you do not believe you can do this, it won’t work.  This is not tongue in cheek bull — you must really believe you can and will be able to start whatever it is.

Second.  You must clear your mind.  Empty.  Blank.

Third.  Think about how the object sounds if it is working perfectly.  It is important here that you KNOW the sound.  That you’ve heard it a million times, and so therefore your recall is simple — no effort.

Fourth.  Mimic that sound in your mind while you push up from the center of yourself and out through your hands (and you will get so good at it you won’t need your hands) — but, use them for now.  You must mimic the sound in your mind at least three times while pushing that energy.  Don’t expect it to work the first few times.  Three is the charm — and sometimes, if you’ve allowed doubt to creep in, it will take more.  Just keep concentrating.  If the person trying to get the thing started gives up, and you are close enough to urge them to try again, do so.  If not, there’s nothing you can do.

Fifth.  Whatever you do — do not tell.  Do not walk up and brag that you can start the car, because you’ve been practicing and have had some success.  Keep your mouth shut.  Why?  Because if you open your trap, someone in the group will disbelieve, and it won’t work.  So, silence on this ability is golden.  When the thing starts, just smile, and walk away.  You did your job.  You’ll get Karma Bank Brownie Points.

I’d like to thank all of you for your stories, your words of wisdom, and your experiences as we go through this program.  I am so excited that you are willing to share!  I adore each and every one of you.

In my book — you’re AWESOME!


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