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Day Four of the Great Release Challenge!

D. B. Baker -- 1859 to 1940 -- author, professor, occultist -- my Great Grandfather

Day 4 of the Great Magickal Release Challenge! 27 Days to an Awesome You!

by Silver RavenWolf

Your Mission Today:  Yesterday we concentrated on — As Above.  Today?  So Below!  Walk through your entire living quarters and pick up everything off the main traffic area floors that doesn’t belong there.  Shoes, trash, errant papers, kids’ toys, grown-up toys, that tool box that sort of just morphed into the center of the dining room and never left, hats, scarves, coats, magazines…that stuff.  By removing these items (putting them away or trashing them) the energy can move freely through those high traffic areas, not get stuck or clogged and create negative or unhappy feelings.  Since this is the weekend, if you feel really energized, pick the worst corner in the house (you know, the one that seems to gather all the clutter) and clean out the entire area.   Since the moon is void 7:13 AM EST to 12:59 PM EST, this a perfect time to straighten and organize before launching into full-scale weekend plans.  (Please check the timing if you live in a different time zone.)

Clutter that tends to collect where you walk indicates a stumbling block on your path to success.  When you have a great idea, don’t build a dam with junkie fears or worries, that will stop you from succeeding.  Instead, jump ahead to a visualization of the finished product, then go back and plan your strategy!

Today, too, we’re going to polish your aura.  That’s right, you heard me, we’re going to do a nice aura buffing so that you sparkle!  Sit in a relaxing place.  Close your eyes.  Take three nice, deep breaths.  Sit up straight, shoulders back, nice deep breaths.  Now, relax.  Visualize yourself encased in a cloudy bubble.  Imagine a magick dust cloth, and use that cloth to clean the cloudy bubble around you.  If you are so depressed that you are having trouble with the visualization, ask a higher power that you believe in to help you (such as angels, a God or Goddess, totem animal, etc.)  Take your time.  See yourself buffing and shining the bubble.  As you do so, take nice, even, deep cleansing breaths.  Just relax and keep buffing until you start to feel yourself glow.  Add a smile (which helps immeasurably!).  When you are finished, imagine that all of you, inside and out, sparkles and glows.  Hold this visualization for as long as you can, then open your eyes, take a deep breath and smile again.

How do you feel?

If you would like the visualization to have even more of an impact, hold a fresh cut lemon as you do your auric cleansing.  The scent of the lemon can heighten the mental experience.  You can use this mini-meditation throughout the Release Challenge, particularly when you are feeling overwhelmed or stressed during the holiday merriment!

My Release Diary:  I spent a lovely day with my granddaughter and my daughter-in-law, so I didn’t get to my Above-stuff until later in the evening.  How is it, I think to myself, that this stuff crawls up there?  I also spent twenty minutes on the back porch, cleaning up trash (from my son’s work on my bedroom), and capturing those renegade leaves from the next door neighbor’s tree.  Being out in the cold helped to energize my afternoon, and put a bit of a zing in my step.

Have you been remembering to practice the Braucherei Morning Ritual?  The one that takes only a few minutes?  One good soul commented on the blog that they didn’t really think it would work; but, did it anyway — and won $200! that day.  Now, is that just too cool, or what?  Five minutes of your time to attract good stuff to you — that’s just how simple and wonderful Braucherei can be!  You can use those two chants to preface anything (healing, money draw, protection, etc.) throughout the day.  If you want to add the Lesser Banishing Ritual, you can find it in my Angel’s book (thanks to another reader’s reminder).

And, if its money you need, Lord Tim shared a Pow-Wow (Braucherei) spell with the folks that came to Healing Circle (he’s been with us for over twenty years).  Just like the chants mentioned above, the process is very simple.  Take your measure with black thread, knot it seven (7) times, and put it in a green bag or small green envelope that you can carry on your person.  Use those same Braucherei chants to visualize good fortune coming toward you.  Sunflower seeds or cinquefoil (two Pow-Wow herbal mainstays) can be added for more drawing power.

I’ve been spending my spare time this week working on two new art designs — one for protection and one for double luck in the home.  By releasing negative dirt, dust, clutter, and junk around me, I’ve noticed that my creative steam is really picking up.  How is the process helping you?  Please share, we’re in this together!  We’ve got 27 days to Total Awesome-ness!!!

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