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Day Four of the Great Release Challenge!

Day Four — 2011 Great Release Challenge! Sunday 4 December by Silver RavenWolf

Day Four of 2011 Great Release Challenge

As Above -- So Below; As Within -- So Without

Truly, without Deceit, certainly and absolutely I KNOW–

That which is Below corresponds to that which is above, and that which is Above corresponds to that which is Below in the accomplishment of the Miracle of One Thing. And, just as all things have come from One through the Mediation of One, So all things follow from this One Thing in the Same Way. — The Emerald Tablet by Hermes Trismegistus

How did the gold star meditation work for you yesterday?  Did you like it?  Did you remember to do your morning Braucherei work?  It is okay if you can’t do it in the morning, you know, you can do it when you have time.  It is just that when you get up, if you do it right away, it helps to combat any negativity you’ve been feeling.

Are we ready for today?  Excellent!

Your Mission Today —

Today we walk through the house or apartment with our eyes focused up — not down.  We are looking to correct three things:  Removing all the cobwebs, wiping down all pictures or things hanging on the wall, and getting rid of any junk sitting on top of hutches, cabinets, the fridge, open shelves, etcThe art and science of Feng Shui teaches us that objects sitting above our heads and out in the open inhibit the chi of the environment, which in turn disrupts your energy movement.  These objects act like poison arrows (so to speak) that muddle the harmony of the home.  Normally, when we place things up high (usually so someone won’t disturb them or we have no idea where to put those things) we forget about them and the objects go into stealth mode, blending in with the environment.  There they happily squat, gathering dirt, dust and grim, spitting at us as we walk by and we don’t even realize it!

I realize that you have some things up and out of the way for safety reasons — perhaps you have a young child or an older person with mental problems, and you must keep cleaning products and medicines out of reach.  Go through all this stuff, get rid of what you can, and clean the rest.

You’d think that once you did this program the first time, that your environment is going to stay pristine.  Ha!  Habits are hard to break.  I went for six months last year keeping the crap off the top of the refrigerator, the movie shelf, and the hutch.  Come July, when things turned emotionally sticky around here due to our family member with dementia, the junk just seemed to morph overnight.  When we are upset our lives often become a jumble of emotions and negative thoughts — a tangle that we keep tripping over as we desperately try to exit the web of unhealthy energy.  Our environment then reflects that which is within, and it too, adds to the sea of imbalance and ultimately attempts to drown us in our own depression.

What is Within is Without. What is Above is Below.

All Things are Birthed From The Void

The other problem I’ve encountered over the past three years is that when I clean up and make room (no matter where in the house I do this) someone within the family environment or a visiting friend  (and it is not always the same person) spies the empty space I so humbly created and breaks all speed records on the face of the planet to fill it.

This drives me insane.

For example:

I cleaned off the back porch in early spring.  It was lovely, it was.  Pots with flowers, my outdoor altar, the ancient wicker chairs…sigh.  Peaceful.  Serene.  Heady.  Within two days, my youngest son promptly filled it up with crap for a yard sale.  Some of that sh—t is still there.

Last release program, I cleaned off the top of the refrigerator.  It managed to stay free of junk until June…when we went coupon shopping… and I had no place to put the extra stuff.

Last winter, I was able to get over the emotional hurdle (after three years) of my oldest son moving out and began emptying his old room (well, most of it).  Within a day, my youngest son promptly expanded the crap from his room into that room, and then the stuff tumbled out into the middle room.


I cleaned off the top of the movie cabinet last year.  It managed to stay empty until July, when my husband stuck dog toys, tools, and an empty food take-out container (yuck) up there.  This I just discovered.

Insert screaming wail here.

For yesterday’s challenge, I cleaned out the bathroom cabinets.  My oldest daughter came to visit and brought me a boat load of new body products she can’t use, and thought I might like to have on that very same day, just a few short hours after the major bathroom clean-up.

Not that I’m not appreciative….but, No!!!!!!

Okay, I thought.  So what am I missing here.  Something, obviously, is trying to smack me in the face.  Rather than focusing on the behavior of people (which is normal) I decided to sit back and think about why, after I took all the time to clean and remove junk so I could get cool stuff, raise my self-esteem, and celebrate all that good yummy joy energy…did I got stuck with more stuff that has to go away?  I realized that I’m bang-up on the releasing part; but, wasn’t paying attention to what I really wanted for the space I made.  Indeed, I was enjoying that void all in itself and getting rather pissy about the fact that it didn’t stay that way.  In essence and back to that baseball analogy I gave you yesterday, I was smacking the ball with a wonderful swing; but, I wasn’t paying attention to where I was whipping that bat before I ran like hell towards home plate.  Secondly, I realized that in the game of baseball you have to touch all the bases to get the point, particularly home base.

Therefore, I am totally responsible for my own environment.

And, I realized I forgot one really little, small, tiny thing…ahem.  That home base thing?  I forgot to seal what I’d done.  Okay, so that can screw it.

Albeit — It’s time to adjust the brain.

1.  The universe loves to fill a void.  If you don’t choose what you want to put in there, the universe will choose for you.  This choice is predicated on your own chaotic thoughts.   Time to think clearly!

2.  Once you’ve released negative energy — seal.  This is so easy, just draw an equal-armed-cross in the air over what you’ve just done.  In Braucherei, practitioners would often seal places and workings by setting a small stone in the area with the intent that the work was now “set” in the universe.

Today, then, you are not only thinking about what is above and how it is reflected below, what is within and how it is reflected without, you are also going to remember to seal your working, right?

As to how to fill that great new space…try this…make a sticker or a place card and put it in the empty space you just cleared.  Your choice doesn’t have to be something that will exactly fit into that physical space.  You see, the universe doesn’t necessarily fill the very same space you cleared with an equal-sized object (unless you want it to), it looks at percentages (sort of) rather than physical size and location.  It is a balance thing.  The problem is…sometimes, we just don’t really know what we want…and in that confused state…junk comes hurtling toward us like a chipmunk on steroids.

This is your mediation thought for today.

Your Choice In Decor

While you’re cleaning and removing, step back and look at your decor.  If you did the program last year, has it changed for the better or are you still stuck with the same theme?  The colors and objects that we choose for our surroundings speaks a great deal about who we are inside.  If you don’t like what you see — change it!

We covered a lot today — As Above/So Below; As Within/So Without — sealing, balancing, and your decor choice.  If you finish today’s challenge you receive your next gold star.  So far, we have the star you first chose, Love, and today…Happiness.  In your mini-meditation (found under Day 3) add a Happiness star to your aura — right over your mouth — and smile!

My Release Program Diary

Since this is the season of financial chaos with all those holiday expenses and budget nightmares, I added the following to my Morning Braucherei Prayers:

I know my life is filled with abundance and all my needs are met and more!

Repeat this affirmation nine times, and remember to release any financial or budget worries.  Yesterday I decided that since I was cleaning everything out around here that I would take care of my monthly bills early so I wouldn’t have to worry about them as the holiday season waxes to full blown chaos mode.  In my mind, you can’t overspend if its already gone.

As an amusing note:  My daughter-in-law chose Thor for her guardian this year.  Last night, she put on roller blades and skated through her house picking up junk and beating things with a huge, soft rubber Thor hammer toy to dispel the negativity.

She had a blast.

Peace with the Gods Peace with Nature Peace Within So Be It!

For Tomorrow:  Yes, Rita, its that time.

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