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Day Eleven of the Great Release Challenge!

Happy Birthday Jamie!

Day Eleven of the Great Release Challenge! 30 Days to an Awesome!!! New You!

by Silver RavenWolf

Your Mission For Today:  Eleven is another master number — this is the mastery of self.  Over the past eleven days you’ve ascertained your strengths, your weaknesses, and analyzed both your environment, and for some…your family unit and how they have, or have not cooperated in your efforts.  From this analysis you can make decisions on how you wish to proceed.

Your mission for today involves rewarding yourself.  You’ve spent ten days clearing out, cleaning up, and making a real concerted effort to change your environment.  Now that we have begun to allow positive energy to naturally flow through our lives, it is time to boost your self-esteem and do something nice just for you!

If you have time on your hands today, and would like to continue the process of cleaning and clearing, then today is a walk-through of what you have already done and an analysis of what managed to clutter itself up, and how much clutter managed to move there.  In reality, this gives you an idea of what area of your life needs attention.  Here is a possibility list.  A fun divination in clutter.  Just something for you to ponder:

1.  If the bathroom was the first to go, then it is possible that you are not paying attention to the maintenance of yourself because your life is so full with other things you haven’t stopped to take care of the inner you.  It may also mean that you hold things too long — hold a grudge — won’t compromise — have trouble letting go of the negative.  The bathroom can tell people more about the inner you than any other room.  If you have a busy family, who messes up the bathroom the most?  That person, then, carries the lowest self-esteem.

2.  The kitchen?  You are not paying attention to what you are bringing into your life.  You’ve gotten to the point where review of what you are willing to accept has been turned off.  Just about any old thing is wandering in.  Now, if you have a busy family, who pigs up the kitchen the most?  This is the person in the family who might have the most enemies, which affects the welfare of the entire group mind.

3.  Your Bedroom.  Yes, this is the relationship barometer.  The most clutter here means that your personal needs are being ignored, either by choice or by circumstance.  You may be investing all your time in the family, or your job, or whatever.  Here is where we can tell if your inner emotional needs are being met.

4.  The Dining Room.  This is the heart of the family, because it is the one place where, in a calmer phase of being, the entire family gathers.  I put it this way because there comes a time, especially within the matrix of the family, that the children begin to pull away — school, job, outside interests — and begin taking their meals elsewhere.  When this happens, the heart of the family begins to alter.  Sometimes it fractures.  If the dining room is filled with clutter, it means that the matriarch or patriarch of the family has pulled away from the group mind, and does not have a full understanding of the current workings of the entire family unit.

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