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Day Eight of the Great Release Challenge

Day 8 of the Great Release Challenge! A Step-by-Step Program to an Awesome New You!

by Silver RavenWolf

Braucherei uses, strong, simple, powerful picture and word associations to get the job done.

Your Mission Today:  The Refrigerator!   EEEEEKKKK!  I know, I know…but, we had to do it, didn’t we?  We really have to take care of this.  Besides, its right before the holidays, you’ll want to stock up and who wants to shove nice, fresh food into that dark hole that functions as your food preservation vehicle?

I didn’t think so.

And, today I promised you a Braucherei ritual for banishing evil, and so you shall have it!  Take you ten minutes, tops.

Now, before we go any further, there is a funny thing about this little charm — it banishes stuff you didn’t even think was bad, as well as the rotten stuff you’ve focused on.  For example, when I first poured Evil Be Gone candles a few years ago, a good and close friend was strangely revealed as a whopping, lying, snake in the grass after I sent him a set of those candles as a gift.  No foolin’.  Then, last summer, I poured another set of candles (Evil Be Gone) and gave one to a friend who was having problems with her husband’s sister.  She did the ritual.  Short.  Sweet.  Thinking the sister was toast.  Except, it wasn’t just the sister, it was the good-for-nothing-cheating-husband, too (that she didn’t know was cheating, by-the-by) that took a forever hike.  So!  Expect stuff you thought was stable (that’s blinding you silly) to up and pop, and go away.  Now, on the bright side, we’ve used this spell to banish cancer, other unfortunate health problems, debt, etc., — the spell isn’t picky.  The candles aren’t necessary.  The power is in the whisper.  The magick is in you.

Just how brave are ya, pumpkin?

All you need for this little rit is some salt, a glass of water and a red (or white candle).  That’s it.  A white emergency candle will do.  As I mentioned yesterday, Braucherei is a system that tries its best to use what you already have.  Yes, magickal toys, bells, whistles are great — but, you ain’t worth your salt if you can’t whomp without them — or so that’s what they say.  They do.  In Braucherei.

Since we are concentrating on release this month and letting go of stuff so that great, fantastic things can come into your life, buying something just for one spell or charm is wasting that space you’ve already cleared.  However, if you are just dying to use some things you already have in your magickal cabinet, then here is a small list:  Frankincense, Myrrh, Cinnamon, Dragon’s Blood Resin, and a conjuring bag.  The fifth ingredient is a lock of your hair.  Juniper berries are also added as an option; but not a blinding necessity.

Sit down somewhere (in Braucherei you can sit on a stump and it doesn’t matter) with the candle, water and salt in front of you.  If you’ve made a conjuring bag to carry with you, hold it in your hand.  Close your eyes and encircle yourself with white light.  Repeat the opening charm from the Morning Braucherie Prayer I gave you.  Yeah.  Eastwards I stand…that one — you’ll find it on this blog.  Say it nine times.  Take a nice deep breath.  Connect with Spirit.  Hold your hands over the salt, water and the red candle, and repeat nine times at a whisper:

Evil be gone Do not return The horse has run off And the bridges are burned!

Start as a soft whisper — the go loud on the last chant (if you can — if you don’t have privacy, don’t sweat it — continue to whisper).  After the ninth repetition, stamp the floor really, REALLY hard, and say softly, “Its done.  Done and gone.  I know its gone.”  So mote it be, in a nice, soft, matter-of-fact whisper.  Draw an equal-armed cross in the air to seal the working.

Light the red candle.  Gather up salt, water and candle (yeah, juggling is interesting, but you can do it — or have a family member carry the candle and you carry the salt and water — makes a great togetherness rit) and walk through every room of the house, repeating the chant, doesn’t matter how many times, just keep muttering. Gone into the zone.  Let yourself glide with it.  As you walk and whisper, scatter a little bit of the salt and water in each room.  Make sure you bring light to every corner of the room with that candle.

Go back to the place where you started.  Place the burning candle in front of you, the water and any salt you may have left.  Keep hold of that conjuring bag if you made one.  Say, “Its done.  Done and gone.  I know its gone.  So mote it be.”  Stamp your foot on the floor.

Now its time to finish.  Close your eyes, take a deep breath.  You should emotionally be feeling a little lighter and brighter now.  A little stronger than before.  Repeat the chant nine times once more.  Say softly, “Its done.  Done and gone.  I know its gone.  So mote it be.”   Stamp our foot on the floor, visualizing that whatever was left you just ground under your foot right down to the center of the earth where that negative energy can be transformed.  Seal that spot on the floor with the equal-armed cross in the air.

As you’ll notice, Braucherei (or Pow-Wow) uses simple, strong, powerful visualization sequences to set your mind in a focused, primary function mode.  It doesn’t play games.  It isn’t flowery.  It is straightforward and to the point.  In this charm, you are commanding Evil to leave, you are telling it that its vehicle of choice (whatever that may be) has run off (here the equivalent is the horse) and it simply cannot come back. Ever.  You’ve just torched the bridge it used to get to you.  So there!  Take that!  Boom!  Your carcass is gone.  Don’t let the door hit ya!

My Release Diary:  With my desk in order, I wandered to the basement (Oh, Lordy) and stuffed two garbage bags full there.  Now, the fun part is to get them up the stairs and out the door.  I truly believe that hoarders have so much trouble getting rid of stuff, because in this day and age, in most places in the US, we’re limited by our towns and cities on how much we can throw away at any given time.  If you have gobs of stuff — it will cost you a horrible amount that most can’t easily fork over, especially in this economy.  So, they’re defeated before they start.  Yesterday, I recited this jingle:   “Santa Claus with empty sleigh, come and take my trash away!”  I’ll tell ya if it worked.

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