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Day 52 - The MindLight Sigil by Silver RavenWolf

The MindLight Sigil by Silver RavenWolf

I developed the MindLight Sigil in 2004 while working on quantum physics and personal alchemical change. This cartouche is a stylized drawing using sacred geometry showing how the magical individual manifests power and change. The outer oval is representative of the sacred circle the field in which we create change -- a place without negative energy or interruptions.

The central asterisk in the design stands for the primordial void, the spark of thought, the beginning of the manifest. It also equals the eight phases of the moon as well as the quarters and the cross quarters. The two triangles, locked together, create the premise of “as above so below”, invoking our ability to create a cone of power as well as lock together in the sign of infinity -- the sigil of mastery.  The Dag Rune (new day) is also prominent.

A trick of the eye creates a stylized figure above and below the apex of the triangles. If you view the figure one way, it is a kneeling individual whose thoughts move to the root chakra and up through the crown; yet, if you look at the figure another way, it is a person poised, looking down, ready to fling an arm up and lift the head at the same time to throw energy out into (or collect from) the universe!

The figure above is the figure reflected below, past and present, conscious and unconscious, seen and unseen. In both instances, the person represents the present -- the one above looking toward the future, and the one below looking back at the past. The person below gathers the appropriate feeling and experience from the past and pulls that energy pattern into the present, while the person above holds the energy in the present, creates a new pattern, and projects that energy out into the future to create a positive destiny. The curves of the figure are representative of horns -- the power to hook and draw in whatever we need as well as the power to defend one’s wellbeing.

The asterisk design above the head stands for our creative thoughts, and the egg shape directly below is the potential of spirit to instill those thoughts with wisdom and healing creating a positive pattern of energy. The egg can be considered our higher self, our guardian, totem animal, or a deceased loved one trying to contact us.  What rings true to you is the answer.  The asterisk above the egg is the amazing power that orchestrates the universe, regardless of what name you may call it.

There are five asterisks in the total design representative of the desire for change. The cartouche can be used in any and all mind light operations from manifesting your destiny to working on prosperity or healing enhancement.

Following is an example of how to use the symbol for good fortune! Crush one unlit cone of incense. Begin the ritual by sprinkling a little of the crushed incense behind you saying for those who came before me blessings upon you sprinkle some of the powder in front of you saying for those who will come after me, blessings upon you.

Spell for Good Fortune Using the MindLight Sigil

Cast a circle and call the quarters.  Hold your hands out, palms up, saying, “Golden spirits, powers of the luminescence, I invoke and ask for thy blessings upon all who are in this circle.”

Draw the Mindlight sigil, or use a printed copy. Place in the center of a bare altar.  Light a yellow candle – Yellow for success (use white if you don’t have yellow or gold).  Holding the lit candle in front of you, proceed in a circular clockwise direction until you reach the direction of North. Turn your back to the center of the circle so you are facing the outside of the circle and North. Say, “I believe I can unfold my destiny. I choose to remember a special moment when I was filled with power and joy, and I reclaim that feeling now! I am I now filled with mastery and delight!”

Turn clockwise to face the center of the circle and say, “I stand here in the present, filled with positive energy. I am the master/mistress of my own good fortune! As I step forward, I take this successful, positive abundant energy with me and claim my destiny!  I manifest only the field happiness and good fortune!” Step forward with emphasis. Then say, “So be it!”

Walk in a straight line to your meditation altar or working space where you placed the MindLight drawing. Set the candle down on top of the drawing. Allow the candle to burn at least 9 minutes or more.  Set the lit candle aside, then, burn the sigil in a fire-safe bowl saying like you mean it!:

Intelligent power wave of change earth and air and fire and rain betwixt between be now decree as I will so shall it be! Cauldron glowing swirling smoke sparks of light I do invoke! Betwixt between be now decree as I say so it will be! Without the fields of loss or pain bring to me financial gain! Betwixt between be now decree as I say so shall it be!

Visualize exactly what you want, then snap your fingers to “set” the moment.

The ritual is concluded when you utter a prayer of thanksgiving (or embrace gratitude), release what you’ve called, close the quarters and release the circle. Allow the candle to burn at least two hours. You can relight the candle in sacred space each night and burn for a few moments, or for at least an hour. If you want to continue working on the same spell throughout the month, replace the yellow candle with another.  Pumpkin or apple scented candles, I’ve found, work well for prosperity and abundance spells.  You may also wish to place a bowl of fruit or vegetables by the burning candle, to encourage abundance to enter the home.  Give the fruit or vegetables back to the earth.

Big Hugs!

Peace with the Gods Peace with Nature Peace within!


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