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Day 50! - Mental Magick

Today's magickal tip is a mental exercise that can bring you incredible rewards if you practice the technique!  Let’s first consider the meaning of the words “Off” and “On”.  Close your eyes and repeat the word "on".  How do you feel when you say that word?  Open?  At ease?  Flowing?  Roll the word over on your tongue.  Breathe deep.  Keep repeating the word.  Take the time to analyze the emotions or thoughts that come to mind when you say the word, "on". 

Now, let's move to the word "off".  Close your eyes, repeat the word several times.  How do you feel when you say that word?  Shut?  Tight?  Closed?  

When something is “on” — it is a go thing — power flowing — a yes, yes, yes feeling.  When we think of “off” — such words come to mind as “stop”, “I don’t want that,” or “stillness”.  Very basic analogies would be:

Off/On Yes/No Accept/Resist Want/Don’t Want

When you “accept” or “want” something the feeling is usually positive, your physical self is relaxed and open.  When you “resist” or don’t want something, feelings are often negative (at most), unsettled at least, and your back might hunch or your shoulders feel stiff.

Now...what if we considered that all magick is either “on” or “off”.  “Yes” or “No”.  “Accept or Resist”.

Ever watch a kid play with a light switch.  On/Off – On/Off -On/Off — drives you nuts, doesn’t it?  The Universe thinks the same way when you broadcast your feelings on a subject where clarity is nowhere to be found.  You do?  You don’t?  What the heck is it!  Make up your mind!  Constantly flipping that switch in your field leads to defeat or dissatisfaction because the energy can gear up to the full power it requires to manifest your desire.  You get a half baked cake.  Think the thing and follow it through -- don't bite yourself with a negative tail-ender statement or thought.

For the remainder of the week with everything you do try relating it to the on/off scenario — either push the mental button “on” or “off” depending upon your needs.  NO EXTRANEOUS THINKING.

When you push the mental button “on” — run energy.

When you push the mental button “off” — block the negativity energy.

In life — it really IS that simple.  On or off?  Choose.

Peace with the Gods Peace with Nature Peace Within!

Big Hugs


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